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Report # 7909  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, January 31, 2004.
Vocalizations Heard Near Sighting During Same Time Period
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YEAR: 2002


MONTH: October

DATE: 27th

STATE: New York

COUNTY: Essex County

LOCATION DETAILS: 3 miles outside of the village of elizabethtown on rt 9n heading to Keene

NEAREST TOWN: elizabethtown


OBSERVED: My wife and I live outside the village of elzabethtown in essex county n.y. In the fall of 2002 in october at around 2am my wife stepped out on our porch it was a unusually mild night clear with stars shining . My wife called out for me to come out and join her when she did there was a loud commotion up on the hill beside our house. There was a series of loud screams and thrashing as if something large had been startled by the sound of her voice the screams were unlike any animal I have ever heard and whatever it was was running at full speed through the woods breaking branches as it went . We were both quite shaken and the next morning I went up to site to see if I could find anything but there were no tracks as the ground in the spot is hard and gravelly. I have hunted and fished the area for many years but have never had an incident like that nor have I ever heard any animal in the north country make a sound like those screams

ALSO NOTICED: I checked the area the next day but there were no tracks visible due to the hard surface of the ground

OTHER WITNESSES: My wife and myself my wife had been on the porch and had called for me to come out as the night was so unusally mild for october

OTHER STORIES: I havent heard of anything like this in elizabethtown but I have heard of other encounters in essex county

TIME AND CONDITIONS: around 2a.m.night clear with stars

ENVIRONMENT: On a low hill beside our house hardwood and pine mix with an apple tree . There is also a small water flow that runs parallel to the hillside

Follow-up investigation report:

A sighting reported within several miles in the same time period.

Vocalizations described as a high pitched loud shriek, with heavy brush movement. They were several hundred yards away and could not see the source of the vocalizations.

Witness was sincere, vocalization also experienced by wife.

Amicable to having investigator come up to site and will be completing that the end of the month of March.

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