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Report # 7815  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, January 20, 2004.
Man while checking spooked cattle with his grandfather observes 8'-9' bipedal animal leaning against tree
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YEAR: 2003

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 12

STATE: Arkansas

COUNTY: Pope County

LOCATION DETAILS: Withheld upon request

NEAREST TOWN: Russelville, AR

OBSERVED: It was late summer at my grandfather's cattle farm. My grandfather owns XX's of acres of property in Pope County, in the city of Russelville. He lives on a small corner of his property on about XX acres of land on which he grazes his cattle. One night when were sitting on the porch of his trailer home, we noticed that something was disturbing the cattle. The "Brem" Cattle that were usually calm and scattered by the barn on the far side of the property, came running to the fence as they usually did when threatened by a Coy dog. Without giving it a second thought we hopped in the truck, grabbed the night vision binoculars and the high beam and started around the perimeter of the grazing land. We saw nothing until we came down near the pond where the cattle were watered. At first, we missed it with the night vision goggles because it was so still. But when we ran the light through the trees, we caught the glare from its eyes looking right at us. It was too far up in the trees to be a deer or a coy dog and the eyes were too big to be an oppossum or coon. We trained the light on its eyes and as we scanned down the tree, we saw what looked like a very large man leaning very still against the tree. He was huge, around 8 feet tall with black hair and eyes. His hair covered every inch of his body except for his face which was slightly less hairy around the eyes and forhead. I saw him first because I was using the high beam to scan the tree line and brush for eyes. I was too afraid to say anything and by the time I finally found the words to say and pointed grandpa in the right direction, the creature had turned and walked away. The next day we went to look where the creature was standing, but we found no prints because of the shale that was used to form the levy for the pond.

ALSO NOTICED: Other than the cattle being obviously spooked, no.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just the two of us.

OTHER STORIES: Not that I know of.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was a very clear, warm summer night, about midnight. the moon was nearly full and provided plenty of light for nighttime. Lighting was fair and with the high beam I was able to see clearly.

ENVIRONMENT: It was typical Arkansas mountainside. His property includes a small mountain or large hill depending on how you want to look at it. There are also quite a few dried up riverbeds and creek bottoms and plenty of pine and other trees.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with this witness in a telephone interview and he was able to add the following:

*The fence was comprised of barbed wire 6' feet high. The animal was approximately 2-3 feet taller than the top strand of wire givng the animal an estimated height of 8' to 9 ' tall. *Estimated animal weight by the witness, approximately 600 pounds.
*The witness stated he was approximately 20-30 yards from where the animal was leaning against a tree, propped by his shoulder much like a man would lean against a tree. He stated it wasn't acting aggressive, but he observed more of a curious nature about the animal.
*Since the witness was in relative close proximity with almost a full moon above and using a bright "high beam" light he was able to distinguish facial features quite clearly and they are as follows:
-The eyes were large and dark brown to black and deep set.
-The witness was able to distinguish a prominent brow ridge
-The nose or nostrils were more flattened, and gorilla-like as were the lips and mouth.
*Body features are as follows:
*The animal was covered from head to toe in black hair "the length of a bear's" (medium in length) The witness stated the only area that was not covered in hair was the face.
*The shoulders were broad and well muscled. The example he provided for arm length was the length of a chimpanzee's arms as proportionate to the body, (long arms) but well muscled.
*The animal was barrel chested, also muscular, not fat.
*When asked about the sex of the animal, (witness used the word "he" in all of his descriptions) he said he did not see breasts therefore thought it was a male.
*Witness turned to speak with his grandfather and when he turned back the animal was gone.
*Witness stated he believed the animal knew he had seen it, so when given the opportunity had fled when the witness turned away.

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