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Report # 7664  (Class A)
Submitted on Monday, December 29, 2003.
Road cross encounter on Hwy 50 in Sulphur River bottoms
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YEAR: 1977

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 15

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Hunt County



OBSERVED: Around 11 pm returning to Commerce along Hwy. 50, as I approached the Sulphur River bottom I noticed movement along the east side of the highway near the shoulder. There was another vehicle heading south coming from the opposite direction of my travel. At first I thought it was just a shadow caused by the on coming cars headlights. As I got closer the object I had noticed moved quickly across the road heading west. What I saw was a very large animal that walked upright, but just slightly slumped forward as it moved. It did not run but took very long steps as it moved. As I passed where the animal had crossed I slowed down to look. I could not see anything. I believe the oncoming car also saw the animal as it braked when it went by the spot as well. The car did not brake because I had slowed down. Once the car had passed I decided to turn around and go back. I saw nothing else. It was dark that night with very little light from the moon the best that I can remember.

ALSO NOTICED: It was large. Dark colored. Walked upright and took large steps as it moved.

OTHER WITNESSES: I believe that the people in the other car saw the creature as well.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Late at night, 11 pm. It was very dark that night with no moonlight.

ENVIRONMENT: The area is mostly cattle land.

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness stated that before his sighting, he had no real opinion on bigfoot. Growing up in the area, he had heard stories about bigfoot in the area of "Wooly Booger Creek", but he considered them that, just stories. After his sighting, he was, and still is, convinced of the existence of bigfoot.

His encounter occurred on a Friday night while driving home. It was very dark that night, with no moonlight. The area in question is an unlit stretch of highway. He was very familiar with the area as he had grown up there. The area of the sighting is within 60 yards of the bridge over the Sulphur River. The sighting location is river bottoms, a flood plain when it rains, otherwise wooded pasture. There are no cattle on the land.

He saw something at the edge of the illumination of his low beam headlights. There was an oncoming vehicle that was lighting up the area as well. What he saw was an upright figure standing on the shoulder of the road, at the edge of the tree line. At first he thought it was a person, but then realized that it was too big. When he was about 60 yards away from the figure, it crossed the 2 lane road in 3 steps, at a very quick pace.

He only saw the silhouette of the figure, but did notice that it wasn't slick. He observed the arms swinging as it crossed the road, as well as that it was "kinda hunched over". He only saw it for a couple of seconds as he passed. He stopped after passing the area where it crossed, and noticed the other vehicle did as well. He felt that they had witnessed it also. At the time his windows were rolled up, so he didn't notice if there were any sounds or odor from the creature.

He turned his car around and went back to the point where it crossed. He swung his headlights out into the area where the creature was heading. He didn't see anything. At this point, he had his windows rolled down, but didn't hear or smell anything out of the ordinary. He saw a road sign in the area which was 6 feet tall. He estimated that this creature was at least 2 1/2 feet taller than the sign.

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