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Report # 723  (Class A)
Submitted by witness L.W. on Friday, May 14, 1999.
creature sitting on a wood pile seen watching witness.
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YEAR: 1969-1980

SEASON: Unknown

DATE: My Florida experiences occurred between 1969 and 1980

STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Hernando County

LOCATION DETAILS: Florida. Hernando county, USA between Brooksville and what is now Spring Hill

NEAREST TOWN: Brooksville

OBSERVED: Over an 11 year period I found footprints. Fences repeatedly had barbed wire top lines pushed down to the field fenceing below and wrapped with moss and lodged with sticks. If you took them out they would be back the next morning. One pony regularly had a hand hold twisted in her mane and tied there. My horses would stand by the hour and stareing into the woods off the back corner of the property.At that time there was over four square miles of woods and pastures back in there with no roads. Found footprints in the field. I had roofs removed from dog houses. My neighbor had stock attacked. I had one remembered sighting. My dogs in the kennel started to bark about 2 in the morning and I had to go out to shut them up. as I went out the back door I glanced over to where my mother had a small building for her Chihuahuas. I remember seeing a being sitting on the pile of wood my dad had gathered and thinking.What are you doing here. I went over to the big kennel building and the dogs were so upset I had to go in and shut them up. As I went back over to the place (i was staying that night(we had two places and when my folks went away for the weekend to our other home I would stay on the couch in their place to watch the color tv.) I remember glancing to my right as I passed the wood pile and thinking oh your still here. then I did a stupid thing i went inside and shut and locked the back door something we never did. I went back to bed only to wake up three hours later shaking like a
leaf. I can remember calling a friend to tell her what I had seen as I knew this was one person who would not think I was nuts. It had been a large silver colored creature sitting there calmly
watching me. I drew a picture of what I saw I do not know if I still have it or not.. That has been my only remembered actual sighting though many times I have felt them around me and heard them.

ALSO NOTICED: I have talked to some of the oldtimers in the area and they say several creatures had been spotted over the years before.I had friends who worked with animal control at the time and there was a report of some creature coming out of a gully that ran through town and playing on a child's swing.

OTHER WITNESSES: The actual sighting I had been asleep . The day of the footprint finding I found it is broad daylight around 1 in the after noon when I went out to catch my horse to go riding. I called a friend who was a reporter and she brought her camera over and did the photography with a pentex and black and white pro film.

ENVIRONMENT: We had three acres of open pasture behind the two trailers and the kennel buildings which were fenced off by field fence topped with two strands of barbed wire. Our property was the furtherest out toward one road.At that time there was nothinig but mixed woods swamp and pasture surrounded by the following roads.Wiscon Rd. California St.Powell road and Us 41. The only way in was on horseback and there were links to a great deal more of woods pasture and groves at that time that end of the county was sparcely developed.

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