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Report # 7188  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, October 26, 2003.
Two men shocked to see hairy figure close on trail in Monongahela National Forest
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YEAR: 1987

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 04, Sat

STATE: West Virginia

COUNTY: Tucker County

LOCATION DETAILS: The siting was in the Canaan Valley area .I have
more information that could be very helpful to you. I will be more specific with a phone call to me.



OBSERVED: Dear sirs,
On July 04,1987 Saturday evening at about 11: 30 Pm, myself and 2 others had a close-up visual sighting of 2
Bigfoot. I was standing inches away from my friend when we both encountered this. I grew up spending a lot more time in the woods than most of my associates, and I have seen countless bear and cats in the wild. I was never so scared
of anything in my life as I was that night.The thing that over-whelmed me was when I shined the flashlight in its face, the eyes were yellow, the exact same color as a deers eyes at night. That told me that this thing was nocturnal.

I would be forever trying to write everything
down that happend that night, so I would like to
speak to someone that is highly experienced in
this field. I would greatly appreciate it if you, or someone in this field would call me.
Thank you.

ALSO NOTICED: The one myself and my friend witnessed walked with a limp, it looked like it was dragging
its right leg as it walked.

OTHER WITNESSES: Three of us witnessed 2 different Bigfoot at the
same time walking in opposite directions from each

OTHER STORIES: Yes, about 10 miles away, we had some strange
experiences prior to this.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: July 04,1987 About 11:23 pm
Three-quarter moon. air temp 67 degrees
Perfectly clear night

ENVIRONMENT: This area is about 40 some years old. There was a large fire
here in the 1940s or so. This new growth consists of mostly pine trees. There is a stream at the sighting. This was on top of a mountain.

Follow-up investigation report:

The three men have told very few people. Whatever it was looked like a human being in the distance. Closeup, the hair made details of its face difficult to observe. It was heavy, wide and the specimen observed by the two men appeared to have one leg dragging. Upon approaching very close, perhaps as close as nine feet away, it turned off the trail crossed a meadow and went into heavy brush. They did not follow.

On the phone the brother who submitted this report said to me, " This was the most incredible thing I've ever seen in my life."

**Notes were made that night regarding conditions and details which are included in this report. This was a life changing event for these men and they have been deeply interested in the subject ever since, but have not taken it upon themselves to actively investigate beyond this report, educational television programs and appropriate books.*******

One other unrelated incident about a man who had a close encounter with a female was mentioned to me. Contact with him is unlikely, but possible.

Later in the evening the men called back and we had a three way conversation (my main informant's brother). It was interesting as the two men hadn't talked about this in a long while. The second brother confirmed that he too had seen something very large and hairy go off in another direction. He also talked about experiences that he had while camping along with his father. Seeing a silhouette outside the tent with hands in the moonlight with the fire still going. One unusual incident included something retrieving a deer head that had just been thrown out into the swamp with the carcass. Plans are to soon interview the friend who was with the brother who filed this report.

One of the unwritten laws in this area is you dont mess with people who are often armed. Glimpses of whatever was in camp with them from time to time were made by the father.
He spent one night in his truck because of what were described as violent screams. He had active duty in Viet Nam and was thoroughly at home in the woods.

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