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Report # 7137  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, October 18, 2003.
Woman observes a sasquatch while fishing in Cambria County
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YEAR: 2000

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 15

STATE: Pennsylvania

COUNTY: Cambria County

LOCATION DETAILS: The place is Bakerton Reservoir, you would go into Carrolltown, PA via route 219 north.

NEAREST TOWN: Elmora/Bakerton

NEAREST ROAD: Devoux Street

OBSERVED: My husband and I are avid fisherman and hunters and our favorite time to fish is in the late evening and at night. On this particular night, my husband was out of town working and I decided to go fishing at a local reservoir about 3 miles from where I grew up.
It was about 1 am and the fish had been biting very well that night. So, I decided to stay a little later than I normally would have. I was sitting on the breast of the dam fishing when I heard footsteps coming up the road, which is a dirt road aprox. 35 yards from where I had been. There where a few houses, not many on the road, it is a small town. So naturally I looked up to see who was walking by. It was then that I realized that who was not the question, but what. As in what the hell is that? So I pulled out my flashlight and pointed it in the direction of "it". The light passed over its eyes and they reflected back to me in a greenish-yellow flash. The creature was probably 6-7 feet tall and very hairy. It was brown in color and quite broad. It walked upright with swift, long strides. It was so huge in its mass, and I guessed that it would have to be at least 400 pounds. I know that I have never seen anything like it, and prefer to never see it again! I was definitely scared.
Just at that point I was pondering on which direction I was going if this thing took off after me. In front of me is water and at least a good 6-8 feet drop till I get there. Behind me is a 20 feet drop to the ground. Mind you, I am sitting on an old cement reservoir breast. As it turned out, the creature only looked in my direction once, when the light hit its eyes. It did not seem to notice or even care that I was there. It never lost a step, just kept on walking and turned and disappeared into the woods not far from where my car was parked. Thank God!
I waited just long enough to assure myself that it was gone or at least not interested in me. Then I packed up my gear, walked quietly to my car, and drove out of there. The whole incident may have lasted only 3-4 minutes, but the time seemed to stop. I have since not gone fishing at night alone.
I told my friends and family about this and most told me that I am crazy and laugh. I have been teased about this for the last three years. I don't care what any one says, I know what I saw was not human and not a bear.

ALSO NOTICED: One night about two weeks before the sighting, my husband and I were fishing in the same place. We heard some strange "screams". Noises neither of us recognized. They were very high pitched and repetitive.

OTHER WITNESSES: no other witnesses

OTHER STORIES: I have never heard any stories like this around here.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Time was about 1 am, not a particularly dark night. The moon was about 3/4 full. I had a flash light.

ENVIRONMENT: Local reservoir, small creek, swampy areas, mine drainage, heavily wooded with nearby old railway beds, sparcely populated.

Follow-up investigation report:

- The sasquatch had a solid heavyset frame. It could be described as looking like someone with shoulder pads and numerous heavy wool sweaters on. But too huge to be human.

- Its arms were longer than a humans and thick. Hands with digits were seen that had hair on them.

- It walked covering ground quickly. Its strides were long and its arms were swinging. It covered long distances in just a few steps.

-Its facial profile was flat, its chest was flat and there were no breasts observed.

- She was able to see NO snout, it walked on TWO legs, and it had no apparent interest in her except that it turned its head when she flashed her small light on it. She saw the right side of it but at 35-40 yards away, the precise observations you would hope for were not available.

-First alerted to it by the sounds it made walking down the dirt road. (Kind of a dragging sound). Didnt sound quite right to her and she looked to see it. She described it as not looking right for a person. Too burley & large, very wide, "massive".

-It remains unknown whether or not the screams heard before her visual observation were related or not. They were not familiar sounds that had at anytime before been heard by either husband or wife.

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