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Report # 7045  (Class A)
Submitted on Wednesday, October 8, 2003.
Man riding 4-wheeler observes a bigfoot reaching into a tree
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YEAR: 1994

SEASON: Spring

DATE: 31

STATE: Arkansas

COUNTY: Benton County

NEAREST TOWN: bever lake or lost bridge

OBSERVED: Well i live in bentonville Akansas right now, my dad own his own buisness. One Day we got on the subject i was telling him that i had bought a little book of ghost stories and bigfoot sightings and how i was very itrested in bigfoot. Then he told me that he seen bigfoot before and he told me the whole story. At fist i didnt belive him, but a couple of years later he told me the same story when we got on the topic again. The story is that he was riding ATVs with his friends around or in ether lost bridge lake of bever lake and he was at the front of the group of 4-wheelers and they were going down this hill that led to a dirt road. Since he was in front of the group he went down first and got on the dirt road and stopped to wait for the rest of the group to come down. before they came down he lokked over across the dirt road on the other side of the hill on the tree line where the evevning sun was shining through the trees and seen the big foot walking. He said it was taking really big steps and apered to be 7-8 feet tall. He couldnt se the color because the sun was shining through the trees and big foot so you know it apeared as a shadow. Then the rest of the group came down and he told them what he saw and they didnt belive him. Thats all he told me. He told me he coudnt remeber every detale. But he still knows more than me, i cant remeber everything. The reason i'm telling you and not him is that i probably coudn't get him to get on here to tell you this. I'm telling you this because im learnig about bigfoot in our biology class at bentonville high school. my teacher is a marine biologist and a cytozoologist. We watched the big foot movie and the legend of boggy creek in class. Plus the sightings in Decator which is write by our town. So all this bigfoot stuff is making me so excited to dicover the bigfoot and do my part in adding another unreported sighting, since i know theres got to be alot of them out there. If you need any more info i dont have a phone but you can write me at (Withheld) my name is (withheld) or you can call my dad who was the one who seen it at (withheld)

TIME AND CONDITIONS: sun was setting

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with Mr. G, the actual witness of the encounter in a telephone interview and the following details can be added to the report:

Mr. G was a cold call because he had no idea a report had been submitted by his son J, and had never heard of the BFRO. He retold his encounter to me honestly and matter of factly.

Mr. G stated he and some friends were riding 4-wheelers in the Posey Mountain area and being somewhat of a daredevil, he was the first to go down a hill in this region. He said while waiting for his friends to come down the hill he rode around at the bottom to kill time. While looking up the other side of the hill he noted an animal standing bipedally appearing to reach up into the branches of a tree. Mr. G is an avid hunter and stated, in his opinion, this was no bear. His distance from the animal was approximately 150 feet. He stated it surprised him and he rode back to where his friends were urging them to go look. He stated by the time he got back to the area the sighting took place the creature turned and strode upright back over the crest of the hill and out of sight. He stated it was covered in hair from head to toe. He said he did not get a good look at the facial features, however, he felt they were hairy as well. He said the creature was thinner than would be expected for an upright bear with longer legs. and a long gait as it walked out of sight. He stated it walked smoothly more in keeping with a human gait than that of an animal. He said the animal's height he thought was around 6 feet, but could have been as much as 8 feet. He was unsure of this detail. His friends saw nothing as they were behind him.

He said that he does not believe in UFO's or ghosts, or even bigfoot until this encounter. He is a little reluctant to call what he saw a bigfoot but was confident it was no bear or anything else native to the area. As stated earlier, his matter of fact attitude and clear retelling of the encounter leads me to believe this gentleman indeed observed a sasquatch.

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