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Report # 6695  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, August 3, 2003.
Encounter with Juvenile Creature
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YEAR: 1979

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: New York

COUNTY: Hamilton County

LOCATION DETAILS: Don't know but could find out.

NEAREST TOWN: don't know

NEAREST ROAD: don't know

OBSERVED: In 1979 I was upstate hiking in the adirondacks upstate New York.I got ahead of the group and off the main trail watching beavers working.As I walked back to the main trail I flushed something out of thick brush. It ran diagonally towards me on the main trail.I could hear a loud thump-thump of feet pounding the main trail and it was wailing like a womans scream or something similar.It ran partially into view and was about four and a half feet tall with dark brown fur with lighter tips and was moving fast upright.I assumed it was a bear cub and got away from the area.I am not from bear country and only found out years later it is unlikely a cub would run upright for the 150 or so feet I witnessed.I probably wouldn't have given it more thought but the sounds I heard are a minature version of some vocalizations on these bigfoot sights.There were some other strange things on this trip and years later a friend I work with told me a similar story that happened around the same year and less than 30 miles away.

ALSO NOTICED: The beavers I was watching seemed unusually wary and agitated if that makes any sense.I remember thinking this right before this happened.

OTHER STORIES: Yes a friend I work with also grew up in New York.He and his brothers were hunting with their step father and heard wild loud vocalizations right before dark.Being pranksters they all assummed one of the others was the source.They all got serious when the last one of them seperated showed up and said "what is that?"I think that within the year 3 of the brothers went to a movie about bigfoot and in the beginning the vocalizations freaked them all out because they swear that is what they heard.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Early moning.Out of direct sunlight in shaded thick woods bordering mountain steam and ponds

ENVIRONMENT: Mountain stream and ponds. Thick woods except for main trail.

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