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Report # 6552  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, June 28, 2003.
Bigfoot crosses road in front of vehicle traveling on Navajo Route 7 near Canyon De Chelley National Monument
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YEAR: 2001

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 17th

STATE: Arizona

COUNTY: Apache County

LOCATION DETAILS: on the Navajo Indian Reservation on the western edge of the Chuska mountains


NEAREST ROAD: on road 7 along the south side of Canyon de Chelly

OBSERVED: On the Navajo Indian Reservation, I was driving along the washboard dirt road (7) that heads east along the south side of Canyon de Chelly looking for a place to duck into to camp for the night. I was about 7-10 miles east of Chinle driving at about 20 mph. It stepped out from the left side and walked across the road right in front of me, about 40 feet away or so, right at the edge of the bright part of my headlights, walking briskly but in no hurry crossing the road and slightly away from me at the same time so that it was probably 5 feet ahead when it reached the other side of the road. As soon as it crossed the road and the little swale of a ditch it bent over just as it was behind a bush as if to take cover as soon as possible. At first, all I kept thinking was "I just saw an ape of some kind." but I quickly realized what it had to be. It wasn't particularly large, about six feet tall or so, but very solid for it's size and uniformly covered in dark brown hair. It never looked at me. I only saw it for about three or four seconds but saw it clearly. I ended up going back a little, turning north on a paved road that leads to the edge of the canyon, just a mile or so, and turning off into the woods a little to sleep in the back of my truck for the night just two or three miles at most from where the sighting occured.



OTHER STORIES: This incident led to me finding this site and a few other accounts in the same area

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 11:00 pm, clear skies, warm temp.

ENVIRONMENT: on the western edge of the Chuska mountains, transition zone from the vast desert to the forested mountain oasis

Follow-up investigation report:

After speaking with the witness, the following detail can be added:

- the witness reported that the animal observed was clearly an ape, having "no neck"; a low, slightly pointed head; and uniform dark brown hair. It strongly resembled the animal seen on the well known "Patterson film."

- the witness believes the animal to have been a male and estimated its weight at between 250 - 275 pounds. Its weight coupled with its approximate 6 foot height led the witness to assume that it was a juvenile bigfoot.

- it walked briskly, crossing from one side to the other in just a few steps. Its gait was like a man's but it clearly was not a man. Its arms swung gradually as it walked.

- the witness was particularly struck by the animal's clear attempt to conceal itself behind a small, 4 - 5 foot tall tree after it had crossed the road. Although the animal never looked directly at him, it clearly had a sense that it should avoid further exposure. This witness was impressed with the intelligence behind such an act.

The witness is an avid traveler and camper who has seen many bears and is familiar with wildlife. He is positive that the animal observed was not a bear or a human.

This sighting took place approximately 1 1/2 - 2 miles south of Canyon De Chelley in a location downslope from the Chuska Mountains by approximately 10 miles. Canyon De Chelley collects the runoff from Wheatfields and Whiskey Creeks, which were the subject of field research conducted by the BFRO in 2002. Numerous other sightings have been made in the area.

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