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Report # 6541  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, June 25, 2003.
Young hunters have night time encounter north of Red River
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YEAR: 1995


STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Choctaw County

LOCATION DETAILS: Northeast of Soper, OK.


NEAREST ROAD: highway 70

OBSERVED: My cousins and I were spotlighting one night to find coyotes. We were driving alongside a treeline when we spotted eyes shinning in the light about 150 feet away next to the trees. I had binoculars and one of my cousins had a 22. magnum with a scope. We had a very good view of a large biped covered with brown hair, except for white patches on the pecs (chest) and one of its arms. It was about 8' tall or more. It tilted its head down because of the light, but stayed in place for about 5 minutes then stepped across the fence on the treeline and disappeared into the woods. The face was like a man and an ape.

OTHER WITNESSES: 4 or five witnesses. We were all riding in a pickup truck. I was 18. They ranged in age 12-16.

OTHER STORIES: It's not the first around here. It was my second sighting and I have pictures of footprints, somewhere.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Clear, calm night. 8:00 p.m.- 10:00 p.m.

ENVIRONMENT: Clear pasture next to heavily wooded area.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke to the witness who submitted the report and one of the cousins about this encounter.

The witness told me that the incident happened on private land that is located approximately fifteen miles north of the Red River. To the south across the Texas state line is Pat Mayes Lake, and an area with a history of reported bigfoot encounters.

The witnesses stated that the animal was dark in color, probably brown with a large white or light gray patch across the chest area up to the shoulders and onto the arms.

The witnesses felt neither threatened nor particularly alarmed or frightened. They said that the animal was not in the least bit aggressive and just seemed to be momentarily curious about them. The witnesses felt no inclination whatsoever to shoot the animal.

The submitter of the report had an earlier encounter in the same vicinity when he was younger. He and another cousin found several footprints that seemed to be from several different animals, perhaps a family. He took photos of the tracks, but has not seen the photos in a while. He will attempt to find the photos and forward them on to me. He said the photos are of a good quality.

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