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Report # 6461  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Jim McCalla on Monday, December 29, 1997.
Sighting by three hunters just outside of Covington, in area referred to by locals as "Pilljerk"
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YEAR: 1994

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

STATE: Tennessee

COUNTY: Tipton County

LOCATION DETAILS: Our sighting occurred just outside of Covington, TN in the outer edges of Tipton County. The area that we were in is refereed to by locals as "Pilljerk", located on the Hatchi River.


OBSERVED: Me and three of my friends were coon hunting. We were sitting around waiting on the dogs to strike and we heard something rustling in the leaves behind us. It was a bright night out and we were right on the bank of the Hatchie River. In the direction that we heard the noise was a small bluff and then went into an open field. Due to the brightness of the moon it almost looked like daylight in that field. When we turned to see what was making the noise we saw the monster on the edge of the field. All we could see was a perfect outline of the creatures body. It was very fast on it's feet. We never saw it stand still. The first time we turned around we saw it run across the edge of the field, faster than any other animal could run. Everyone was shocked and was asking one another if they saw it too. Seconds later it ran across again, this time it went from upright to all fours and back upright, it never broke stride. It appeared to be about 6'5" to 8' tall and weigh about 225 to 275lbs. It was hairy but not like you see in "bigfoot" movies. It was very agile and robust.

ALSO NOTICED: Few people have seen this creature, but the ones that have, refuse to go back to that area after dark.

OTHER WITNESSES: We were all sitting on our four wheelers waiting on the coon dogs to strike.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: The incident occurred in December, 1994

ENVIRONMENT: The incident occurred in the Hatchie River bottom. the area consists of mainly hardwood timber and has numerous creeks and sloughs running through it.

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