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Report # 6441  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, June 3, 2003.
Party of five campers observe 7 foot creature outside their RV
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YEAR: 2000

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 12

STATE: Wyoming

COUNTY: Teton County

LOCATION DETAILS: it was very frightening.

NEAREST TOWN: Jackson Hole,Wyoming I believe

NEAREST ROAD: near entrance to Teton park

OBSERVED: Dear BFRO Persons,
My family and I were staying in beautiful Grand Teton National Park for a few nights and one night a mysterious yet real thing happened. One night when we were all asleep the family dog started violently barking. Everyone sprang to their feet to discover a large,hairy creature standing about 10ft. from our R.V. It turned around and looked at the R.V. and started jogging off in a humanly way. We were so amazed that nobody in the camper said a word until the next morning. We went outside and there were huge footprints since it was damp and rainy. We didn't get a "good" look at the animal but we still saw something that was hairy and very large. The color was and still is unknown. Thank you for your time.
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ALSO NOTICED: There was a very strong stench that we could smell through the R.V. when the creature was present.

OTHER WITNESSES: there were 5 witnesses including myself that were sleeping before the incident.

OTHER STORIES: No, i have not.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was night when the incident occured and rainy,a slight drizzle. Hardly no light was visible just a little moonlight when the clouds let it shine.

ENVIRONMENT: The environment was very urban but yet rural. There was one part of the road that was occupated by many people. The othjer was endless wildlife. We saw it on the rural/urban margin area.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Dr. Steven Coy:

I interviewed the witness on September 7, 2003. He has become very interested in the sasquatch mystery since he experienced this incident in Wyoming. The following reported facts can be added to the written report:
The witness was on vacation with his grandmother, grandfather, aunt, and uncle. They were planning to drive into Yellowstone Park, but because of inclement weather camped in a campground in Teton National Park. There were only perhaps two or three RV's in the campground on this particular night in early June. The campers had gotten snowed off of Jackson Lake that day, so there was snow on the ground making it easy to observe the large, dark figure from the windows of their RV.
He estimated the creature to be about 7' tall with 4' wide shoulders and a conical, hairy head. It was reaching up into a tree as they could see the bough moving. They could hear it grunting before it turned toward the RV and then ran off in long strides. "Huge" tracks were seen in the snow the following morning.

About BFRO Investigator Dr. Steven Coy:

Former wildlife biologist - US Department of Interior

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