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Report # 597  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Kevin H. on Sunday, November 5, 2000.
Possible track found by hunter near Palmer / Hatcher Pass
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YEAR: 2000


MONTH: September


STATE: Alaska

COUNTY: Matanuska-Susitna County

LOCATION DETAILS: down palmer fishhook 6 miles, right on sunvalley dr. there's a swamp just off the road. the sighting was down a trail at the edge of the moose range that borders a swamp.

NEAREST TOWN: Palmer / Hatcher Pass

NEAREST ROAD: Palmer fishhook rd.

OBSERVED: My name is Kevin and I've been hunting in Alaska for 8 years now. I'm used to tracking dangerous animals like Bull Moose and Grizzly Bears. One early morning we were observing several Large Moose tracks in the mud. I saw a track that looked like a BIG FOOT track. I looked at my buddy and said "what does that look like to you"? and He said "That's a Big Foot track"! there it was amongst the moose tracks. It was a good 11 inches long and was made from the right foot. I could see all 5 toes. What struck me most was the size of the big toe! The track appeared to be a couple of days old. I looked around for other tracks, but found none. The thing must of been running. I wanted to go back there and make a plaster cast, but it was raining hard. Two days later I went back there and the track was filled with water and nonrecognizable.


OTHER WITNESSES: 2 witnesses tracking wild game.

OTHER STORIES: never heard any stories like this.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Early morning overcast

ENVIRONMENT: sighting of track was at the edge of a swamp. I know exactaly where it was.

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