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Report # 5720  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, January 26, 2003.
Night time rabbit hunters spotlight 7' tall biped leaping over 4' sagebrush as it escapes from view
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YEAR: 1963

SEASON: Spring


STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Owyhee County

LOCATION DETAILS: South on Mudflat to the aprox end of the farming and look SE toward some small hills and chalk bluffs.



OBSERVED: Myself and five members of my family witnessed a strange event while we were out rabbit hunting after dark on a warm and clear night in the spring of 1963. It has been so long ago but I do remember that we had not been drinking.

The hunt had started out earlier in the day about 35-40 miles west in Canyon County. We were having so much fun that we continued to headlight and spotlight hunt on into the night. I'm not sure if we had one or two vehicles. We eventually pulled off Mud Flat Rd onto a small dirt road to take a break and to stretch. We had passed through some flat farm land and we were now in large and heavy growth sagebrush country a few miles from the base of the Owyhee Mountains.

I continued to use the spotlight while we were stopped. I pointed it in a south easterly direction; first close in and then moved it higher to look for rabbits or coyotes. It was then that I saw this large upright "thing". It was running away from us at a distance. I called everyones attention to it and we watched as it leaped over sagebrush and other large obstructions. It ran like a man and it never hesitated or looked around and finally disappeared into a gully. We all tried to ascertain what it was we saw. Our total conclusion was that it was like no other wild or range animal we had ever seen. We did not drive over to look for any footprints as the car was usable on roads only. Chasing after it with flashlights was never mentioned or considered as we would not have felt comfortable approaching it with a minimal light
source in the dark. We felt more than a little anxiety over that prospect.

We ended the hunt and on our way back home, we were all very quiet and lost in our own thoughts.

ALSO NOTICED: We all decided that this creature was upright as a man would be and quite tall.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Well after darkness had set in.

ENVIRONMENT: Sagebrush bordering farms, pretty flat, but too rough to farm well and maybe 2-3 miles from the beginning of Juniper pine stands and 5 miles before reaching the true base of the Owyhee Mountains.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Roland Wolfe:

The witness that submitted the report is a forthright retired aerospace and nuclear worker. There were six witnesses to the observed event. One has passed away and two others have moved out of the area and were not reachable. The other two remaining witnesses were located and interviewed separatley about this forty year old event. One witness is semi-retired and the other is an officer with a local major fire department.

They were all in agreement as to seeing a large anomalous animal on the described hunt. Each witness described the event from a slightly different perspective but the majority described the animal as being hair covered with arms and legs like a human with the arms being slightly longer. The running and leaping action of the animal was definetly bipedal in nature.

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