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Report # 56829  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, February 18, 2017.
Hunters experience possible vocals, find nests, get screamed at over three-day hunting weekend north of Reydon
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YEAR: 1983


MONTH: October


STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Roger Mills County

LOCATION DETAILS: 7.5 miles north of Reydon, OK


NEAREST ROAD: State Highway 30

OBSERVED: Date: Friday, September 30, 1983

The night before opening day of bow season, I arrived in the camp at approximately 4:30 pm. I began clearing an area to set up base camp for a total of three hunters who were joining me. I had been clearing out the area of Johnson grass for about 15 minutes when I heard large impact sounds approximately 25 feet to the north of me. It was way too heavy to be a deer. I stood there and heard three large impacts with a second or so in-between sounds. The grass and trees were too thick to see any movement.

I continued to work on base camp. I had forgotten my ax and had begun breaking wood over wood for the campfire, when I started hearing rustling in the brush, again to the north of me. I also noticed movement south of me. This movement was different, and I thought it was possibly deer. Three to five minutes later I began having the feeling of being watched, and it was starting to get dark. I made a fire and waited for the other two men to arrive.
My friend, I’ll call him RL, arrived around 8:00pm. We were sitting around the fire and I noticed RL kept looking behind him, and seemed uneasy. I asked him what was wrong. He said he had a feeling we are being watched. I had not said anything to him about the events of the evening. I told him that I had had a creepy feeling of being watched for over three hours. I was glad to have him validate what I had been feeling.

The other hunter, MR, arrived around 8:30pm. While we were sitting around the campfire we smelled a dirty, sweaty, skunk-ish smell, that came and went. It seemed to emanate from the south. We called it a night. MR, and I went in my camper. RL relieved himself in the woods and when he came back into the camper he was white as a sheet, and had a shocked look on his face. I asked him what was the matter and he said he’d seen eye shine. I didn’t understand what the problem was, and replied that it was probably deer. He said, “No you don’t understand. It’s not deer eye shine I saw. It was large, red, and taller than me!” I asked him about the possibility that it could have been a deer standing on a berm and he said no it was all flat river bottom.

Saturday, October 1, 1983

The next morning while I was in my tree stand I heard three wood knocks to my west, about 5 minutes later I heard a really loud, like a small caliber rifle going off, tree snap and then the sound of splintering wood, like a branch was being ripped off.
We met at base camp after the morning hunt, and RL was upset because he heard people talking down his deer trail, he couldn’t understand what they were saying. He also heard a whistle.

Late morning the three of us were stalk hunting and I noticed something odd. I observed three red cedars that were bent over at the 8 to 10 foot level, all pointing to the northwest. No other cedars in the area looked like these. The next thing I ran across was something that looked like a nest made of small tree branches. 9 feet long and 6 or 7 feet wide, piled knee high on me. This nest like thing was underneath a hardwood tree. Beside the nest were two little shelters that were ‘pup tent’ shaped. One was 3ft long the other was 5ft long, and they were about two and a half feet tall. The grass had grown back through the bottom of them, and the leaves were dried out. It looked like whatever made these things had not used them for 6 or 7 months. I thought maybe some Boy Scouts might have made them, but there were no strings, or twine to hold them together and all the branches had been snapped off and not cut with a saw. (I did ask the local scoutmaster if they take scouts into the area and they said no, they do not.)

I continued to hunt, and 150 feet away from the nests I discovered a tree, 12 to 14 inches in diameter, was broken at the 5 foot tall level, and leaned over against another tree. It looked level like it was at a 90 angle, and smaller trees were placed against it. At first I thought it was a wind break for cattle, but it was too small and the wind would go right through it. I looked for tracks of equipment, because two of the trees were too large for human to move, but found none. I had no idea what this could be.

Later that evening we were stalk hunting again, the sun was going down, I was northwest of camp, I heard what sounded like a guy calling cattle. This guy had massive lungs, possibly a quarter mile away. But at the end of this extended vocal, was a loud whoop. The hair on the back of my neck stood up because it sounded ape-ish. It repeated this vocalization another time. When I arrived back at base camp I asked my friends if they had heard the sounds and they both had, and wondered what it was.

About 3:00 am that night, I heard something being moved around, and knocked over, but I didn’t investigate, as I was thinking it was raccoons.

Sunday, October 2, 1983

In my tree stand the next morning I heard mumbling south of me, it sounded like Asian foreigners talking. I also heard two whistles south of me, down a deer trail.

At 3:00AM that night, I was jolted awake by a loud human sounding roar. It sounded like a combination of an African Lion, the T-Rex from Jurassic park, and a really pissed off human. It was a deep guttural sound. It was very angry. I could feel this sound vibrate in my chest. I think it came from the edge of camp. It roared again, same attitude. I could not believe my hunter friends did not wake up. Then suddenly from 50 to 100 yards away came another sound. This was totally unlike the roar. It sounded like a female being murdered, but also incredibly angry. At this point I woke up my friends, and we waited but there were no more sounds. I have heard mountain lions since I was 6 years old. This sound nothing like what I heard that night. It took me an hour to go back to sleep, as thoughts came into my head of the possibility that these things could rip the pop-up camper apart.

Monday, October 3rd, 1983

The next morning we went about looking for tracks. There was too much leaf litter though. We came upon a huge plum thicket, as I came around to the southwest side, I smelled a dirty, sweaty, skunk smell like we encountered on Friday night. I felt we needed to leave right then, as I felt whatever made that roar the night before was in there, and we would be in danger if we stayed or pressed into the thicket.

We packed up and headed home. I was uncomfortable and ready to get out of there. At the time I had no experience with Bigfoot, and only came to realize these events were Bigfoot related when I heard the extended ‘whoop’ vocalization. I had heard Paul Harvey speak about such encounters on the radio, years ago, telling about stories from the three country area of Dewey, Roger Mills and Ellis Counties. I didn’t talk about this weekend with anybody for almost thirty years.


OTHER STORIES: Paul Harvey News 2 different story's from the same general area.

Elk City Daily News: A story about a farmer feeding cattle that saw a Bigfoot stand up and run away on two legs.

Daily Oklahoman: Ran the same article.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Events day and night

ENVIRONMENT: River bottom, trees, grass, plum thickets, Shin Oak brush

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Sybilla Irwin:

I met with the witness and January and was taken to the general area of the sighting. I will also be speaking to one of the other men who was on this camping weekend.

The witness is a lifelong hunter, and outdoors man who has raised cattle and exotics. He knows his wildlife, this weekend changed his outlook regarding animals in his part of the world.

Details that can be added:

The witness believes the hunters encountered a family group that contained at least two smaller individuals based on the nesting area he found. He also feels the mumbling they heard when in their tree stands were made by males, as the voices were so deep in nature.

The witness played the Whoop vocalization from Ron Moorehead's web site for me and said it is very close to what he heard, except that what he heard was a loud, long, extended vocalization that ended with a whoop. The creature vocalized twice.

In regard to the roaring vocalization he has not been able to find any recording that compares to the sound he heard that night.

People may ask why the witness didn't take photographs of the nests and other tree structures, but understand it was 1983 and the witness had no idea what these structures were, and had never seen anything like them. Cell phones were not in use at that time.

This weekend profoundly changed the way witness viewed the area, and made him far more aware of his surroundings. He continued to hunt after this experience, but never went back to that location again, even though he had been hunting it for 7 years.

The Black Kettle National Grasslands is located in Roger Mills County, Oklahoma and Hemphill County, Texas. It contains 31,286 acres and consists of about 100 tracts of land inter-spaced with privately owned ranch land. It is located in the mixed grass prairie region. The terrain is characterized by sandy and red slate hills in addition to grassland and oak brush. The creek bottoms are wooded with cottonwood, elm, and Hackberry. Wildlife includes white-tailed deer, turkey and quail. The Washita River flows through the grassland. Other water sources include springs, stock tanks, and ponds. This area is sparsely populated, contains washes, draws, thickets, Shin Oak, and tall grasses.

About BFRO Investigator Sybilla Irwin:

• Bachelor of Arts Degree from Texas A&M University

• Self employed Artist

• Professional stained glass artist and teacher.

• Professional Artist

• Fine artist. (Oils, pastels, & watercolor) Wildlife, Portraiture, Landscape, and sketches of Sasquatch for investigators and witnesses.

• Attended Texas Expedition 2008, Colorado Expedition 2008, Oklahoma Expedition 2008 and numerous private expeditions. She has attended: Michigan UP Expedition 2009, Utah Expedition 2009,Wyoming Expedition 2009, Colorado Expedition 2009 attended the Oklahoma Expedition 2009. In 2010 she attendee BFRO 'Investigator Only' expeditions in Texas and Colorado. She attended the
Colorado Expedition 2011. She Co-lead the BFRO's first all female expedition held in November Texas Expedition 2011. She lead and organized the recent Texas Expedition 2012.

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