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Report # 5681  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, January 20, 2003.
Rural commuter sees large animal shift from quadrupedal to bipedal movement
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YEAR: 2002


MONTH: August

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Lincoln County

LOCATION DETAILS: From the city of Tryon; approx. 1 to 2 miles west on Highway 105 at the peak of a hill.

NEAREST TOWN: Tryon, Oklahoma

NEAREST ROAD: Highway 105

OBSERVED: In 2002, in early fall (it was still nice outside) I was driving to work. Ahead of me, on the crest of a hill, I saw a creature crossing the road. It did not remind me of a monkey. The legs and torso were too long. It was on all fours at first; the limbs were substantial. It was covered with dark brown longish hair. It started across the road on all fours; the back limbs looked about the same length as the front limbs. It was not great big and bulky; however it was of considerable size. There was quite a bit of room between the stomach area and the ground. Very tall in that way. After a few steps, it stood up and took a couple of huge running steps, as if trying to hurry up. Then it leaped up over about a 6' embankment and a fence. I went back later on after work to the site, and there were numerous footprints of all kinds of game; obviously it was a frequently used crossing for all sorts of animals.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was driving to work.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 7:30 am, clear conditions, sunny

ENVIRONMENT: Highway with woods on one side and pasture/woods on other. On the peak of a hill.

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness, S. P., is a forty year old mother of seven who has lived in rural settings most of her life. She was quite excited to talk about the sighting, which lasted four to five seconds. When first seen, the animal was on the shoulder of the road, traveling north to south. It was moving on all fours. Just past the middle of the road, it rose up on its rear limbs and disappeared into the woods with a few steps, leaning forward slightly. The animal was described as very fast and graceful.

When S. P. wrote in her submission that it didn’t look like a monkey, she meant that it didn’t look like an orangutan or chimpanzee. That is, “it didn’t have their short squatty legs.” The animal she saw had long hind legs and she emphasized that all the limbs were very broad and heavy looking, not slender.

When on all fours, the back was parallel with the ground. The animal had no tail and no snout, but she couldn’t see any details of the face. The creature was described as being much larger than a deer, but the thing that really caught her eye was that “it was so tall” when it stood upright. She made reference to the great height of the animal several times.

When I asked her what her initial thoughts were regarding what she had seen, she replied that she “was at a loss.” Sasquatch was not considered as she researched possible species because of the quadrupedal mode of locomotion observed as it began to cross the highway.

Like the witness, I'm unable to suggest a source for misidentification. As far as I know, there are only a few records of adult sasquatch walking on all fours, but I found S. P. to be a credible witness and am convinced she saw something highly unusual that August morning.

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