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Report # 56800  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, February 14, 2017.
Possible sighting and casting of a print near Hosak's Cave in Salt Fork State Park
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YEAR: 2017

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February

DATE: 12


COUNTY: Guernsey County

LOCATION DETAILS: Salt Fork State Park, Rd 1, back entrance off of Freedom Rd. Right before the road to Hosak's Cave.



OBSERVED: I was driving on Rd 1 in Salt Fork State Park from the back entrance. I was around 30 yards from the turn off for Hosak's Cave when I saw a hairy, brown figure move into the brush on the right side of the road. Now I know what a deer backside looks like and it wasn't a bear. When I went back later after work is when we found a foot print.

ALSO NOTICED: We found a foot print and took pictures.

OTHER WITNESSES: Only 1. Me. I was on my way to work at the gift shop.

OTHER STORIES: Yes. It is near Bigfoot Ridge in Salt Fork State Park.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Morning, some what cloudy.

ENVIRONMENT: Near the Beaver Dam before Hosak's Cave.

Follow-up investigation report:

Received notification of encounter from BFRO investigator, Marc DeWerth. Contacted witness 2-16-17 by phone. Listened to her account and she reported there was a possible foot print on site. Arranged for a meeting at the site on 2-19-17. Requested assistance from fellow BFRO Investigator, Mark Maisel, due to his valuable knowledge of previous Salt Fork sightings. Met she her husband and son at the parking lot of Hosak's Cave.

She went over her sighting as follows: She lives nearby and drives to Salt Fork Lodge for work. She was driving south bound on Route 1, just before the Hosak's Cave turn off. Speed limit was 35 mph. She was driving a car. She was startled to see a large, hunched over hairy figure standing on the right berm. She did not see its face. It did not turn to look at her. "Like it did not care that I was there". The hair was long and brown in color. The whole encounter lasted about 10 seconds. She estimated the height somewhere between 7-8', but really had no fixed object to relate to and its body position was hunched over. She reports after work she took her daughter to the site and they found a footprint in the dirt/gravel. The weather on 2-12-17 was particularly warm and rainy for February. There was no snow on the ground.

We walked over to the site and was able to locate one foot print. It was a left foot print facing north. Pictures and measurement were taken. We did a grid search and was unable to discover any other prints. We made a cast of the print using hydro-cal and continue to investigate the site.

The site was off the road embankment. with a stream and beaver sign. No other trail sign was found but at the bottom of the drop off there was multi-flora rose bushes that could have offered some cover.

Multiple times we questioned the events and details but she was consistent with every detail and did not embellish. I found the witness to be truthful and consistent in her recalling of her experience. The story was basic in details but supported strongly with the uniqueness for the foot casting. The Salt fork area has a strong history of reliable accounts and the wildlife abundance and terrain offers many resources. Cast was pulled later that day. It clearly showed the first toe (big toe). Total length was 12", with forefoot 5" and heel approximately 4" (some sediment had settled, unable to obtain true measurement). The greatest depth was 2 1/2 " on the lateral side and 1" depth on the medial side. There is evidence of a mid-tarsal break.

Photos of the cast:

Highlighted footprint from cast:

Depth on lateral side:

Width across ball of foot:

Width across heel, true shape lost in degradation of sediment:

We revisited the site of the footprint in May. We had a friend, who is 6' 5" and 340 lbs jump barefooted behind where the original was cast. He could only make about 1/2 inch impression. I know there is a lot of factors for a true comparison. But it really helped me to realize just how much more massive there weight can be.

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