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Report # 5674  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, January 17, 2003.
Motorist changes his mind about bigfoot after seeing animal cross road in early morning
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YEAR: 2003

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: January

DATE: 11

STATE: Wyoming

COUNTY: Johnson County

OBSERVED: I,m reporting this for my brother who does not have access to the internet. I think he had a pretty good sighting in wyoming on jan.11 2003.
at can contact him at home any time after 6p.m. pacific time zone. I will give his address and home phone on the bottom.he gave me permission to contact you.

Follow-up investigation report:

I contacted the witness by phone after talking to the person who submitted this report, his brother. After the initial interview I later called and spoke with him once more.

On January 11, 2003 the witness, DJ, along with his wife and child, were driving west between Gillette and Buffalo Wyoming on interstate 90. They were traveling home to Las Vegas from Aberdeen, South Dakota. It was between 12:00 and 1:00 AM (the morning of the 12th) and DJ’s wife and child slept in the back seat. The witness said it was very cold out, way below zero, and that it was a bright night with a moon. They were about a third of the way to Buffalo from Gillette and DJ was seeing mule deer along the sides of the road.

Then up ahead he saw an upright animal cross the road from south to north. It was big, it walked on two legs and it had a “stooped” posture. He further described it as being “covered with hair,” and said it “had no neck and it had shoulders like a linebacker.” The animal turned its whole torso to look toward his approaching car and he said the eyes shined red. DJ told me that he grew up hunting in South Dakota, has hunted deer all his life. He said his brother, the one who submitted the report (because DJ does not have a computer), has always been interested in bigfoot but he himself never believed in it. He emphatically said, No, that it wasn’t a person out there and that “it wasn’t no bear,” it was nothing he’d seen before. Two or three times during our conversations DJ described the animal as “ape-like.”

When I asked him about his statement in which he described himself previously as a non-believer, he said, “Right, I believed it didn’t exist… but now, after seeing what I saw out there… I know what I saw. No doubt about it. What anybody else says… I don’t care. What’s true is true.” He went on to say that people are giving him a hard time about it, but he thinks it’s just a matter of time before one turns up. Then he’ll be vindicated.

The town of Buffalo sits at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains along their eastern flank. I90 from Gillette to Buffalo is 67 miles of desolate, treeless, rolling sage hills full of draws and gullies. And also full of mule deer – I’ve traveled this road many times myself; you have to be careful driving that road at night because they’re everywhere. A few years ago I saw an elk I think somewhat nearer Buffalo than where DJ had his sighting.

It was about 0°F there the morning of the 12th and fairly breezy, so it was very cold. Interstate 90 crosses the south-flowing Powder River at about the half way point to Buffalo but it sounds like the sighting was several miles east of that. It’s an interesting thing, the idea of a sasquatch out in country like that in the January cold.

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