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Report # 56552  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, January 24, 2017.
Possible ongoing activity experienced while hiking a trail outside Gladstone
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YEAR: 2016


MONTH: November

DATE: 26th

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Delta County

LOCATION DETAILS: East on Days River 24.5 Rd from M35 until you reach the Hiking Trail Trailhead
West on Days River 24.5 Rd from US2 and 41 until you reach the Days River Trail Trailhead

NEAREST TOWN: Gladstone/Escanaba, MI

NEAREST ROAD: US 41 / Days River Rd. 24.5

OBSERVED: November 26th, 2016. A friend and I were taking a walk out at Days River Trail on the outskirts of Gladstone, MI. in the Upper Peninsula. We arrived around 7 p.m. My friend didn’t want to be there in the dark but I am an intuitive medium and I have no fear of the dark with the things I deal with. I have been to Days River Trail many times during my lifetime but only within this last year has this place been an interest to me to see what it feels like at night. We decided to walk the outer trail once we cross the bridge over the river. We took a right after the bridge and before we hit the corner we looked up and saw this light, high up to our left, up over a small ridge. It was a bright light, shining but not moving at all. Still. We took our mini flashlights and were trying to see what it was or where it was coming from and then started talking loud and it did not move, not at all. We kept walking, not long after the first corner we heard something walking to our right which is on the river side and it would have been down an embankment. It was definitely on two feet not 4. I grew up in the country and know a lot of what animals sound like. My friend was worried and asked me what I thought, I didn’t want her to run so I said I think it’s a deer let’s keep moving. We got farther into the woods and started looping in the inside trails and it was a beautiful night, not too cold and somewhat clear out.
We came to a place where there is a bench and a fire pit. We stopped there for about an hour and just talked since we don’t see each other often. Both of us felt like we were being watched but not in a dangerous way. I usually “see” things wherever I go since I am an intuitive/medium. I couldn’t “see” anything this night just had a feeling of being watched.
As we left and started walking the trail around the other side of the forest, (we would be eventually coming out to the left after the bridge.) We could smell something that was skunk like but not really. I can’t describe it. Bad body odor? skunk?. That smell stayed with us for a bit then disappeared.
As we got closer to the bridge we were both feeling like it was time to go, it was close to 10 p.m. now and BTW we were the only people out there. Typically no one walks out there alone or in groups at night. (Just for FYI reasons to there is a meat packing plant across the road from the entrance to this trailway.)
We crossed the bridge, and started hearing this “crying” noise that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. I had never heard anything like this. I am 50. I grew up in the woods. I feel like I know animal noises. This was something different.
It kept calling or crying until we got to the beginning of where we started. I felt like whatever/whoever it was didn’t want us to leave. My friend thought it was a wounded animal. At first I did too but after listening and deciphering I know this was something completely out of my scope of what I know.
I started doing research the moment I got home. I am convinced I experienced the all elusive Bigfoot. I found audio from others on Youtube that matched exactly what we heard.
I went back a few days later alone during the day around 1 p.m. I decided to go directly to the left after the bridge and made my way to the area about where the calling or crying would have come from. I stopped at this very large tree and just stood there patiently waiting.
Maybe 10 minutes after I got there, I heard it again, this time it seemed farther away and less of a crying and more of a whistling , to me it felt like whatever this is was just letting me know it knew I was back. I didn’t stay long because in my intuitive vision I saw a cougar/mountain lion and know that they have been seen out here before and caught on camera.

So, I thanked whatever was out there for letting me “hear” it again and went on my way to document this experience.

ALSO NOTICED: I am an intuitive medium. I felt I was being called out there that night, it is why I insisted that my friend get over her fear of the dark and go with me.

OTHER WITNESSES: The first night a friend was with me. the second experience just me. We were just walking and talking.

OTHER STORIES: Word of mouth but nothing anyone will come out and talk about, I live in a tight lipped community unfortunately. people talk about these things to each other but no one comes out publicly.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: First time during evening as said in report, clear and nice out. Next time was day, clear and moderate weather

ENVIRONMENT: Forest. a river, bridge from walkway to trails. A trail that winds the Days River through pine, spruce, cedar ridges of the Escanaba State Forest . Four loops on 9 miles of groomed ski, hike and biking trails but there is more that is ungroomed, much more and across the road from a meat packing plant.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Rich Meyer:

I met with Tammy originally on 1/20/17 after she contacted me through the UPBSRO Facebook Page. We met at a local public place and talked about her encounter for about an hour and a half. We then set plans to meet at the location.

On 1/22/17 we met at the Days River Trail around 5 pm. Tammy and I walked the trails talking about her and her friends experience and she showed me the places where things happened. As we walked I did get a feeling of being watched once we crossed the bridge from the parking area to the trails. I placed a recorder on my car, had a second on my person and had a parabolic mic with a recorder on it with us as well. As we progressed through the trails we found a few tree breaks. This is the first tree break we found walking the trails. It is around 5 feet off the snow pack.

At one point I stepped off the trail to take pictures of three tree breaks that formed a triangle, here are the photos:

As I stepped off the trail, Tammy and I both turned to look at each other and asked "Do you hear that?". What we were hearing what sounded like something circling us and then walking through or brushing up against thick brush. As we stood there and listened we were also watching trough the rows of planted red pines, but could not see anything. After this we continued on our walk and spotted a bright light glowing just across a ridge, as we approached it we were not sure what it could be. (It turns out it is a dusk to dawn light at the golf course neighboring the trails.) After checking that out we continued back toward the parking lot. As we came to a spot where the trail gets close to the creek the hair on the back of my neck started to stand up and I got a real uneasy feeling, almost like something was telling me "don't be here". I asked Tammy if she was feeling anything with out telling her what I was feeling and she confirmed she was having the same feelings and that this is the area that has given her the creeps every time she has come out here.

Since our first meeting and conversation Tammy has continued to go out and research the area. She has also found this recording on YouTube that closely resembles the sounds she has heard at the location -
Headphones are helpful in listening to this the cries are at 9 seconds and 30 seconds.

The Days River Trail area has the right mix of cover, water and food to hold a Bigfoot or small family group. While there is some human action right near the trailhead, to the north is mostly uninhabited State Forest. There have been reports of bears and cougars in the area in the past so it can and has held other large predators. There is also a Meat Processor down and across the road from the trailhead.

About BFRO Investigator Rich Meyer:

Avid outdoorsman, grew up in the woods all over Michigan.
Worked with a Hunting Guide service for many years as a guide, scout and tracker.
Attended the 2013 Michigan UP Expedition, 2014 Wisconsin Expedition and many private expeditions.
Co-organizer 2015, 2016 and 2018 BFRO Michigan U.P. Expedition and 2018 BFRO Northeast WI Expedition
Co Creator of the U.P. Bigfoot Conference est. 2016
Researched Bigfoot on his own before becoming a BFRO Investigator. Creator of the Upper Peninsula Bigfoot/Sasquatch Research Organization Facebook Page

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