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Report # 55870  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, October 31, 2016.
Sightings and constant activity at a home near Campbellsville
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YEAR: 2016


MONTH: October

DATE: 26

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Larue County

LOCATION DETAILS: Omitted for privacy reasons.

NEAREST TOWN: Campbellsville


OBSERVED: Would like to talk to someone about noises I've been hearing since about 6 months ago. These noises haven't stopped and I have heard them every week since I've lived here for almost a year now and about 4 days ago I had a visual sighting of one about 40-50 feet away from me, they seem so very active around my house and I strongly appreciate if someone could help me in this matter.

ALSO NOTICED: Seen footprint next day, creature was also white and around 8.5-9ft tall

OTHER WITNESSES: I was alone, with dogs

OTHER STORIES: I have heard noises before visual sighting over and over, around 20-30 different times.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 530am, dark, calm weather, I had a strong flashlight on it also

ENVIRONMENT: Across the street from house by the road, in the forest, there is an old logging trail nearby, near steep hills

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jim Wigginton:

Talked to Joe via phone again and the activity has increased, howls, whoops, wood knocks, rocks being thrown on house and car. Most of the time it has been from across the street but did see one jump behind a shed at his house in the daylight. A white haired, tall and large figure stood up from a squatting position and walked away, across the street about 30 feet away early in the morning.

These sighting are usually around 4 to 4:30 am and occurring about three times a week. The woods across the street are in the Rolling Fork WMA now and protected. Joe has a new high Lumens flashlight with a sharp focus thus it enables him to shine the light with a focused beam when he wants too. The activity is usually just before daylight around 4 a.m., but has also happened just after dark.

One time one just stared at him from 30' away for a very long time before it finally blinked. Another time, a large, white-haired figure just stood up and walked away. Yet another time a dark haired figure ducked behind a shed during the daylight trying to stay out of sight.

Abundance of game and a good water source makes it a good place. Very few people are nearby and I believe this is another factor for the visits.

I have talked to Joe several times and believe him. Will stay in touch with Joe and update this report if any thing significant occurs.

About BFRO Investigator Jim Wigginton:

Jim is retired and has had a lifelong interest in the outdoors while growing up in western Kentucky on a small farm. Spent his spare time hunting, camping, fishing, horse riding and just spending time in the woods. Attended W.K.U. for pre Architecture, Drafting and Vocational Educational degree. Attended several expeditions in North Carolina and Kentucky with the BFRO and private outings. Long time interest in the unknown, and especially Bigfoot.

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