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Report # 55583  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, September 12, 2016.
Tracks found and casts made beside a spring on an old farm near Glady (Photo attempt of daytime sighting attached)
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YEAR: 2016

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: September

DATE: 9/11/2016

STATE: West Virginia

COUNTY: Randolph County

LOCATION DETAILS: Go East on 33 from Elkins to Alpena turn right onto the Glady Fork Road. Go 7 miles you are two miles from Glady, Old Farm is on the right, big with farm house with apple orchard around it.


NEAREST ROAD: Glady Fork Road

OBSERVED: On July 21st this year I was cutting grass at my Nephew's place on the Glady road. At around 8:30 I heard a Bigfoot start yelling from the nearby point. I know what they sound like for I have seen one when I was around 12 years-old and three in the past few years. They call me Daniel Boone because I spend a lot of time in the woods. And I have heard them a lot of times. On 9/11/16 I was at the old farm that was once our Grandfathers, my nephew owns it now. I have a few trout in an old spring barrel at one of the springs. On 9/11/16 I went to feed the trout, but when I got there the cows were already there drinking. I looked down and in the soft mud was two fresh tracks. I ran the cows away and got my plaster paris out of the car. I made a cast of the right print, the left one set at an angle, the plaster would have run out of the track. So I got the right one, it turned out ok.

ALSO NOTICED: People of the area have heard strange sounds before. I was told that the mountain has rock outcroppings around the top edges and a brown mountain lion last year crossed the road just past this property.


OTHER STORIES: Yes and some sightings also. One farmer once said that he and his wife, both of them are now gone, but they were almost home and on the drive way sat a big black hairy man like creature watching the sheep in the field. It jumped up and ran up the hill then into the woods. This happened at Glady. I once walked between a female with two young kids and her alpha male on BicklesKnob near my home town of Elkins Wva.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Around 6:30 in the evening. Over cast but light out.

ENVIRONMENT: Steep spring creek on the left side of fields, mountain ridge above field.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Greg Lambert:

I met with the gentleman and we spoke at length about the subject of bigfoot. He is an avid outdoorsman who loves to fish and in his earlier years deer hunted and dug ginseng. We went to the location of his track find to check it out. This was a very dry year in West Virginia and the stream near the spring had basically dried up but this spring never slows, even in the driest years. He had placed small branches and weaved sticks into a make shift fence around the spring to keep the cattle away from the head spring. Photo of the fence:

Upon arriving he had to chase the cattle away and he then discovered the tracks.The cattle had already destroyed some tracks and he nearly stepped on the remaining tracks himself! He, being an amateur bigfoot researcher himself, went to his car to get casting material and returned and cast one track. He also discovered an unusual four toed track but didn't have enough casting material. Knowing the cattle would destroy the remaining print, he pushed sticks into the ground around it and covered it, returning the next day.

Here is a photo of him with his first cast:

These are the dimensions:
19 1/2" long
6" wide at heel
8" across the ball
7" at the mid-tarsal
9" across the toes

Photos of additional casts taken, including one of the four toed print:

In addition to the footprints, he has heard whoops, howls, whistles and wood knocks at this location.

He and I both theorized that with the creature's search for water, the fence he had constructed peaked their curiosity. The property is fenced and has a locked gate so access is limited. It also has approximately 70 old apple trees that still bear fruit. This, along with the water source, plenty of game and other reports from the area, make this report compelling.

I plan on re-visiting the location to look around some more, take photos of the area. Will update this report accordingly.


I was able to go with Daniel yesterday, August 13, to find his last track location. He also sent me this photo of a sasquatch walking away from him near the same location. He did not follow. Estimated height was 8 ft. tall, at least. He said it shook him up a bit.

More photos of evidence gathered by Daniel and friends:

About BFRO Investigator Greg Lambert:

Growing up in Pendleton County WV, Greg has been fascinated with the Bigfoot phenomenon ever since he had an incident while hunting in the early 70's. Though he no longer hunts he and his wife enjoy wildlife watching, birding, hiking, camping, kayaking and all things wild in wonderful WV. Greg is a mechanic by trade in the largest turkey processing plant in the US. He has attended BFRO Expeditions WV 2012 & 2013, Kentucky 2013 & 2014, and North Carolina 2014.

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