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Report # 55476  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, August 27, 2016.
Possible encounter while hunting near Northfield Falls
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YEAR: 2015


MONTH: November

STATE: Vermont

COUNTY: Washington County

LOCATION DETAILS: White pine ridges with hardwoods in between forming a bowl. An old beaver pond which has since turned to meadow in the center about 200 yards x 100 yards with an active and multi-leveled beaver pond adjoining. No houses, no roads, and as many times as i've been up there I've not once come across another person. Moose and black bear sign abound...

NEAREST TOWN: Northfield Falls

NEAREST ROAD: Devil's Washbowl

OBSERVED: On two separate mornings while deer hunting in a fairly remote section of Washington County, before sunrise, and after tree breaks and knocks at close range, something screamed/whooped at me. I am a Vermont native, grew up hunting, camping, fishing, and generally emersed in the outdoors, and while I am familiar with subject of bigfoot,..I have never experienced anything like this before or since. The conditions on both mornings were clear, cold, and extremely quiet. I had hiked into to where i was going to hunt, leaving my vehicle around 5:00 am, getting to where i wanted to sit around 5:45 am, and after changing into dry underlayers had shut my light off and settled in to wait for first light. Activity began both mornings only minutes after dousing my light. This occurred in November of last fall, 2015.

ALSO NOTICED: I have hiked, hunted, and recreationally set camera traps in this area frequently over the past couple of years,..night and day. The area is rich with lore and said historically to be the home of 'the pig man'.

OTHER WITNESSES: Unfortunately, no...

OTHER STORIES: This Spring a man from Waitesfield, the next town over, posted on Front Porch Forum that while hiking on the vast trail in the southwest basin on Waitesfield Mountain, he had observed a tall, hairy, bipedal creature dragging a dead goat by its horns up into the cliff band. He advised that if you were in the area to be cautious...

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Early morning, before sunrise...

ENVIRONMENT: White pine ridges, hard woods in between. Remote...

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A member of Team Squatchachusetts, and interested in Bigfoot since 1976 when something with big feet went through my family’s back yard one winter's day.

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