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Report # 55412  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, August 18, 2016.
Memory told of spying something large and hairy overturning rocks by the Brazos River
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YEAR: 1985-86


STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Johnson County

LOCATION DETAILS: County road 1108 and 916. next to the Brazos River, very near the Klondike ranch. on the cliffs over looking the river. In the Goat Neck area.



OBSERVED: I was 12 or 13 at the time. We had been rock climbing and repelling on the cliffs there. We had been there several times before. I had a habit of wandering off exploring. I had walked the cliff top probably a half mile away from the group I was with. I was in a very thick area in a cut or a hollow that has an overhang. Looking down you could see an undercut in the cliff. I was on top, looking across, trying to figure out if I needed to go around the top or climb down. I heard something below that sounded like some low grunts and heavy rocks rolling around. i got closer to the edge and looked over and saw "something." It was very large and I could only see its back. It was very wide with no neck. I could see its head but it did not have much neck. I could see its shoulders and back and the shoulders were very wide. It was completely covered with hair. It was crouched over and rolling the big rocks over like it was looking for something underneath. I heard some low grunts but nothing else other than the rocks rolling around. Its color was a color I can only say looked like a dark grayish brown not unlike a coyote. it was big but I never really saw it stand up and I never really saw its face. I did see its arms as it pulled up on the rocks rolling them around but I was so startled and scared I turned and ran. As i took off, it seemed to move away as well but it was 40-50 feet below me in the hollow. It was not a wild pig because it was clearly crouched down on two legs and using its arms and hands to roll the rocks. I ran all the way back to the group. I remember hyperventalating on the way back from being scared and thinking for sure it was chasing me. I told my father that I saw something but he didn't react much at all. He told me I shouldn't have wandered off. Years later when I brought it up, he told me that he had a similar experience in the same general area.

ALSO NOTICED: My father told me years later of an experience he had in the same general area. He never saw it but had experienced very agressive behavior from something at night he could not see.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was alone. I wandered off exploring from the group i was with including my father and other family members.

OTHER STORIES: Several lately. i know some people that lived or did live in that area and thay have some wild stories.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Mid morning I believe. its been so long ago.

ENVIRONMENT: Cliffs overlooking the river. I was on top looking down and walking the cliff face. it is very thick with juniper and other trees.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Gary Christensen:

I spoke with the witness by phone. He added the following additional details about his sighting. The creature was about 40 yards away and about 50 feet below him. On the parts of its body that were visible, its coloration was a blended combination of black, brown, and grey hair with its head hair being longer than the hair on the rest of the body. Its shape reminded the witness of a gorilla. The rocks it was overturning were up to 2-3 feet long and approximately a foot thick. He saw no indication that the creature was aware of his presence.

The witness said that after his sighting, he has heard other stories of encounters from people, including his father, who have lived in that area. The creature went by the name of Goat Man.

I found the witness to be very sincere and forthright during our conversation and believe him to be a credible witness.

About BFRO Investigator Gary Christensen:

Gary is a retired USAF pilot, a Vietnam veteran with 312 combat missions in the B-52. He also retired from American Airlines in 2008 after 18 years service as a flight training manager. A graduate of USAF ground and sea survival schools, Gary is an avid bird hunter and fisherman. He has been following the bigfoot phenomenon since the 1950's.

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