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Report # 5515  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, December 23, 2002.
Possible sighting by hunters near Bath
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YEAR: 2002


MONTH: November

DATE: 12

STATE: New York

COUNTY: Steuben County

LOCATION DETAILS: about about half mile off shannon Rd, north east of shannon rd



OBSERVED: While hunting with a friend on his farm during deer season this past Nov, we were walking the creek bottom to get up to a stand of pines at the edge of a small swamp on his property, after walking about 200 yards we stopped for a bit to listen and observe and maybe jump a deer crossing over, we were there about 10 minutes when we started to hear something above and just behind us, the creek bottom at that point has about 8 foot banks on both sides, we continued to hear the noices get closer, but it seemed to be going parralel to us on the deer trail. having spotted bear recently, we thought it might be one and hoped it would cross about 60 yards in front of us, we moved a little further up and the noises stopped, figuring the bear heard us we stopped, it was quiet for about 20 minutes when it began again, only more hurried this time. at one point I could see movement in the woods and at first thought it might have been a bear standing up, but it kept walking on the hind legs, it turned and came across the creek about 60 yards from us and we just watched it run across the creek and up along the power line on the other side, it jumped down the bank and jumped back up on the other side. We couldn't get a clear look because of the pines and the fact it was really moving when it came across the creek, but it was no bear, we both have been hunting for a good 25 years ech and we agreed it wasn't a bear or any other animal we have ever seen. we listened to it for about another 3 to 5 minutes going through the pines and brush, then the noises just stopped, we went up and back tracked it as best we could but lost the sign just the other side of his farm pond.

ALSO NOTICED: didn't really hear anything from the animal, just it moving through the heavy brush

OTHER WITNESSES: 1 other besides myself, we were hunting along the creek bottom on our way to the swamp.

OTHER STORIES: not in the immediate area, but over on the other side of the hill, some of the other farmers have said they have heard things at night that weren't "normal"

TIME AND CONDITIONS: early morning, aprox 830am
partly cloudy
cold, about 35 degrees
dry,with some leftover snow in places

ENVIRONMENT: creek bottom surrounded by pines and some oaks, maples and beech trees

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