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Report # 50826  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, January 17, 2016.
Daylight sighting and video attempt by Mother and son near Charlton
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YEAR: 2016

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

DATE: 17

STATE: Massachusetts

COUNTY: Worcester County

LOCATION DETAILS: In the woods. Dirt road


NEAREST ROAD: Exact location Witheld

OBSERVED: Hi my name is J. XXXX .I live in Charlton Ma
I was riding my atv in the woods and I saw it, it was a large figure standing near a tree. So I yelled and it moved. so drove to my house. and it was big black and scary and tall. my number 508-xxx--xxxx

thank you!

ALSO NOTICED: Near a stream leaning on a tree, 150 Ft from dirt road.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2 Myself and my Mother

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Morning time, .Sunny. clear Sunday

ENVIRONMENT: Cold morning after rain

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jonathan Wilk:

I spoke with both the mother and son by phone on Sunday 1-17-16 about 6 hours after the event took place. The son, (J) who is 9 years-old was driving the family ATV along a private dirt road. It was clear, cool and sunny around 10am. While turning the ATV around he glanced to the North West and observed a tall black creature covered in black fur. It was facing him, leaning against a tree, partially behind the tree. The face was blocked by its own shadow, J was able to make out some facial features but nothing specific. He described the creature as tall, wide and scary looking. I asked J if he could draw what he saw, here is his drawing:

He sped away on the ATV about 1500ft back to his home. He ran inside to tell his mother (P) about what he just witnessed. P states that J was "white as a ghost" and visibly shaken. They both hopped into her SUV and drove back to the location of the sighting. While driving by, J was using his mothers cell phone to video the scene. He takes this video and in the last few frames of the video there appears to be a large, black figure leaning against a tree (14sec mark).

While driving away both Mother and son observed the creature take off to the North East into a patch of pine trees. They both estimate the creature to be just over 8ft tall and very wide, "like a football player". They both stated the arms were large, long and down to the knees. The head was large with no visible neck.

On January 18 I went to the location with Investigators Eric and Tim Vogel. We met with everyone at the location. In this photo, I am standing next to the tree, my hand is where the top of the head was.

I measured 103 inches, or 8' 7", there is a bit of a slope next to the tree. The distance from the tree to the center of the road was 161ft., there was no foliage blocking the view. The distance from the tree to the pine bluff where the creature ran to was 47 ft.

During the entire interview all witnesses were polite, thorough and direct to the point. There was no hesitation or evasive behavior. There was a fresh two inches of snow from the previous evening storm. An extensive search for tracks and impressions came up negative. All three investigators agree that the witnesses did see a large unknown creature. There are several other reports of activity in the general area.

The landscape offers fresh water, several close-by fruit farms and an abundance of wildlife. The area is private property that is posted. It was on a Sunday, hunting is prohibited on a Sunday in Massachusetts.

We will be keeping in touch with the family and monitor the area for further activity. Thank you to Eric and Tim for your expertise in outdoor tracking and field knowledge. This area will be on our "hot list" and we will continue to monitor it closely.

About BFRO Investigator Jonathan Wilk:

Founder and leader of Team Squatchachusetts. BFRO field investigator. Organized Massachusetts 2015, 2016 and 2017 Expeditions. Speaker at the 2019 Ohio Bigfoot Conference

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