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Report # 5041  (Class B)
Submitted on Wednesday, October 2, 2002.
Large tracks found in snow near home southeast of McBride
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YEAR: 1996

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

DATE: 21

PROVINCE: British Columbia


LOCATION DETAILS: Prince George Cariboo Region



OBSERVED: I had a strange occurence. I live in McBride B.C.five miles out near a forestry road that goes back into the wilderness. I really do not know if this was Sasquatch related or not but after I mentioned the story to some other neighbors I was told that there had been sightings reported near here about 2 miles away and that there were more than one occurance. It was one early morning I believe it was January 21, 1996. I have a picture of the tracks that I took, the camera has the date on the front. My husband leaves every morning to work logging so I would get up with him and spend the time baking or writing letters. This morning it was still very dark out and it was warm for winter it was even raining off and on. It was somewhere around 6-6:30 a.m. I heard a noise outside it was the freezer lid as we had our freezer outside because we lived with a generator for power and had it outside along the back wall so the snow didn't cover it too badly. Anyway I knew that the lid was very heavy as we had a tarp that covered it and I had had problems lifting it usually had to wait for my husband to get things out for me it was just too heavy. After I heard this I could not figure out what would lift this lid or who? But It was dark out and I was a little shaken as to the explaination to this. I waited until it was very light out. Went to observe the freezer I could not find anything but deicided to see if there were footprints around. There was a path we used, did not find prints, until I went to the front of the driveway about 50' from our house. There I found 2 footprints bare footprints I should say, but only two. I got a ruler and measured the prints at 13 and a half inches long. They were very wide. The stance of the prints were 22 inches apart. I went and woke up my daughter to take a look, she was about 15 at the time. Didn't say a thing except showing her what I found. She just laughed at me and said I suppose you think these are Sasquatch tracks. I shrugged my shoulders said I don't know you tell me. It was really mild weather at the time and it was raining. Later I decided how strange tihis was and thought about taking a picture cause no one will ever believe me. By the time I decided to take the pictures the prints had melted alot. I thought that it was to bad that I hadn't have thought about the camera idea earlier but I hadn't. But they are still pretty impressive. I did look all around tryign to find any other prints finding none. That really stumped me.

OTHER WITNESSES: only my daughter that saw the prints

OTHER STORIES: Yes, I was told later that a neighbor also had had several encounters but did not like to let it known. She would tell you the story if asked but would state it was only a story.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: a.m. 6-6:30 raining mild weather dark out

ENVIRONMENT: We live on the Eddy Creek near forestry roads and about quarter of a mile from the mountain cliffs where there are caves

Follow-up investigation report:

Only one of the two prints was measured, It was very wide, very flat and had a round heel. The other was about two, inches shorter, narrower and did not show a big toe. It may have been only a partial print.
It troubled the witness that she could find only two prints. When she investigated about two hours after hearing the sound of the freezer being opened her own tracks were continuous in the wet snow.

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