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Report # 50178  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, November 9, 2015.
Recollection of a roadside sighting of a white Bigfoot near Blount Springs
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YEAR: 1975

SEASON: Summer

STATE: Alabama

COUNTY: Blount County

LOCATION DETAILS: I believe it is exit 287 off I-65. I think at that time there was only an exit at that location in one direction. I saw the creature on a curve near the interstate.

NEAREST TOWN: Between Culman and Warrior near Blount Springs.


OBSERVED: I was driving a VW bus so I had a good view of my surroundings. As I rounded the first corner of the exit I noticed what I thought was a big white dog, like an Afghan running on all fours toward the road, up an embankment. We both reached the same point at the same time and I thought I would hit the dog. It seemed it didn't notice my car until it reached the side of the road when it was only feet away from the car. I don't remember slowing much but I wasn't going very fast to start with as the curve was pretty tight. As the creature reached the road and I saw it, it stood up on it's back legs. It was covered with long white hair maybe 8 inches long, it wasn't thick but more stringy and dirty looking and it had a round head, not a dog. I passed the creature and didn't catch it in my mirrors as it was dark. It scared me.I didn't get much detail of it's face but I did notice a fairly large mouth or lips which were prominent. The head was not huge and the body was pretty slender, it was probably as tall as the VW when it stood up, over 6 feet.

OTHER WITNESSES: No other witness.

OTHER STORIES: At that time I had never heard of any creatures in the area but it was very rural and a friend who raised pigs used to hear screams in the area, maybe 5 miles away.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Night, maybe 9 or 10 pm. Saw unknown creature in my car lights. Nearly ran over it.

ENVIRONMENT: Mixed forest, hardwood and pine with some houses but not many and they were pretty far apart.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator W. Gibson:

This is a very credible witness. He is a decorated veteran who earned top secret clearance in the military. He has no doubt of what he saw and it scared him badly. After an extensive interview with the witness the following additions can be added to his report.

•The van’s lights stayed on the creature for an extended amount of time because of the left hand curve in the road.

•The creature was loping uphill, on all fours, with an awkward gallop from right to left. When the creature reached the road’s edge, it stood up and was a hominoid close to 7 feet tall. It had long arms and was only a few feet away from the witness.

•It was huge with the upper body smaller in comparison to the huge hips/legs.

About BFRO Investigator W. Gibson:

W. Gibson is a retired educator and has had a lifelong interest in the Bigfoot phenomena since an encounter from his youth.

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