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Report # 5013  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, September 26, 2002.
Campers have encounter at night close to Tappan Lake
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YEAR: 2000


MONTH: October


COUNTY: Harrison County

LOCATION DETAILS: My place is two miles off CR 37. State Route 250 is about three miles south on CR 37.

NEAREST TOWN: Dennison/Uhrichsville, Ohio

NEAREST ROAD: County Road 37 in Monroe Twp.

OBSERVED: We had built a new two story cabin and had some friends down to play music and camp overnight. We were playing music and one lady decided that she would go to a smaller cabin and retire for the night. We had discussed the sighting that my wife had a couple years ago and this lady was completely unaffected and thought we were crazy. She made some fun of my wife about the situation.

The lady open the back door and we heard a scream and I ran out fearing she had fallen. She was nearly hysterical and said "I saw It." As she was going to the other cabin, a large gray creature was standing near my truck near the drivers door. She couldn't estimate the height but believed it was six to seven foot tall. She didn't give any details on the shape of it or anything else. I was out the door no more than 10 second after the scream and saw, smelled or heard nothing. We called a local investigator over to investigate but neither he nor my son could find anything.

The lady was still shaking the next afternoon when they returned home. I can't saw what she saw but it effected her deeply. Two years later she refuses to talk about the incident and turns away.

ALSO NOTICED: We thought that it was kind of interesting that it was about 10 yards from where my wife sighted nearly the same thing a year or two before. My son spotted a brownish creature during Memorial Weekend of 2002. He was outside smoking Turkeys for a party and it came within firelight then turned and ran off into the hollow.

OTHER WITNESSES: There was just one that saw the thing. There were about seven of us in the cabin but didn't notice anything.

OTHER STORIES: A neighbors son stated that his father, when he was a boy, was scared to death when something shook a tree at them near the entrance to the hollow. His father didn't tell anyone due to fear of criticism.

Wood-on-wood is commonly heard during the early morning hours. It sounds as if someone is chopping wood with an ax. We could never figure out why someone would be doing that on the several hillsides around us. It was explained to us later.

Easter Weekend this year my friend and I heard a loud scream about 10 AM in the morning on the Saturday before Easter Sunday. It came from across the road in the dense wooded area of the strip pits. A neighbor came down later and asked what had upset her dogs that morning. She said they went nuts at about 10 AM. She lives 200 yards to the East on the other side of the road. The scream almost sounded like a woman screaming but really loud as if amplified. I thought maybe a wild pig but they don't make noises that loud. It was a bright sunny but cool morning.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was about 10-11:00 PM. The night was very dark. It was a cool night and cloudy.

ENVIRONMENT: This is typical eastern Ohio woodland. I own a saddle between two mountains and surround on four side by mountains. Across the road is an old strip mine area that was mined near the beginning on the 1900s and hasn't been reclaimed. A deep mine road runs the length of my place, this mine was dynamited in 1880s. There is a lot of wilderness to the south, north, west, and east. This is the start of Appalachian Ohio and gets very rugged towards the Ohio River to the East.

Follow-up investigation report:

It appears that this particular area has a long local history of bigfoot like encounters. It's a very remote, heavily wooded area that was reclaimed by the state from the strip mining days. The family that owns the property has been nothing but a joy to work with, and have allowed the BFRO full access to the property whenever we want. The only reason I'm classifying this report a "B" is because I haven't had the opportunity to talk to the actual witness in person. Sometime in the near future, this report could revert to an "A" once the actual witness is met and interviewed for more detail. The property itself has a few other sightings that we know of, and to this day remains very active. A note of importance is that this property is their vacation/retirement property. They're usually down there one or two weekends a month in the spring, summer, and fall and hardly ever in the winter. The area is very close to the Tappan Lake Region.

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