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Report # 50064  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, October 25, 2015.
Multiple incidents including possible vocalizations and rock throwing on a farm near Blaine
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YEAR: 2015

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: all spring till now

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Lawrence County



OBSERVED: I would like to talk to you guys because a lot of other stuff has been occurring around my farm. A few months ago something screamed at me and then went who "who" like an owl. I looked up the scream on the web and the thing it sounded most like was a cougar, but the owl sound was not an owl. Other things that happens is rocks being thrown when I'm in garden, or at night when I get home and sit on back porch. Once when I was cutting fire wood at dusk and was loading wood something or someone threw a lot of rocks and made a ruckus. Also at night when I get home I sit on back porch to play with my dogs something hits the side of an old outhouse along with the rock throwing and screams. This happens most nights of the week. I've never seen anything but the day after the scream and owl call I went to where it sounded like it came from and found one track in an old rotten log. It looked like a person was barefoot and the track was the ball of the foot and the toes was showing but rain washed some of it away. Also this weekend I went to check out my treestands and beside one was a tree with big branches piled around it in a way that doesn't look natural to me. Like I said I live on a 200 acre farm and my closest neighbor is a mile away. and I hear stuff and things get tossed off of hillsides night and day.

ALSO NOTICED: all kinds of weird stuff that don't add up

OTHER WITNESSES: Just me and my dogs

OTHER STORIES: I don't talk about it to anyone but others have strange stories of the woodbooger

TIME AND CONDITIONS: all times, all weather

ENVIRONMENT: Appalachian foot hills

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jack Smarr:

I talked extensively with the witness on the telephone. He is experiencing multiple incidents on his 200 acre farm that was inherited from his grandparents. The activity seems to happen during the spring and summer months. “Nothing significant has happened since the first week of September.” The witness works afternoon shift and does not get home until 10 or 10:30 pm. Last spring, he heard a “whoop” up the holler at an estimated distance of 600 yards away. About ten minutes later, he heard the same “whoop” (only much louder) from the barn area 70 yards away. He immediately grabbed a gun and a spotlight to go outside. Living alone, with no close neighbors, he did not see or hear anything while he was outside. This summer he was putting in a garden and noticed that rocks about the size of your head kept rolling down the hill while he was pounding in tomato stakes. He would stop and look up the hill, but the rocks would stop. As soon as he looked down to start working, the rocks would come down the hill again. This happened three times in a row while either pounding stakes or tying up the tomato plants. He got an eerie feeling that he was being watched. Then suddenly a tree fell over on the hill where the rocks were coming from. He has heard trees fall at least two more times since then.

Later that summer, he was splitting wood for winter. He would get home at 10 or so and split a few logs every night before he went inside. As he was splitting logs, he would hear pebbles from the hillside hit the tin roof of his car port.

One night, he was sitting outside of his house relaxing when a “blood curdling” scream came from the flat of the hill about thirty yards over his head. “It sounded like a woman screaming”, the witness shared. As soon as the scream stopped, he heard “who, who”. But it did not sound like an owl, it sounded like somebody saying “who”. He yelled up the hill asking “who is up there?” But he did not get a reply.

Lastly, the witness noted that he has been going through a fifty pound bag of dog food each week for two outside dogs he keeps. He thinks this is an abnormally large amount of dog food for just two dogs. He is currently using his only trail camera for his deer stand, but plans to train the camera on the dog bowls over the winter.

About BFRO Investigator Jack Smarr:

Jack Smarr is retired military and worked primarily in Field Artillery, Armored Cavalry and Armor units. He participated in TN 09,10,11,WV 2012 expeditions; and helped organize KY 2013 expedition. He organized the 2014 KY Daniel Boone Expedition, the 2015 Central Kentucky Expedition, the 2016 Carter Caves State Park Expedition, Northeastern Kentucky 2017, Kentucky 2018 and has conducted private expeditions in Eastern Kentucky and Southern Ohio.

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