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Report # 4962  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, September 19, 1999.
Hunter states that vocalizations heard near Batesville are identical to recordings on BFRO site
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YEAR: 1988

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August


COUNTY: Noble County

NEAREST TOWN: Batesville


OBSERVED: Im writing with a great deal of hesitation. I'm a police officer and married , family guy etc. and my credibility is sound . I don't want this to change!... I used to do a lot of groundhog hunting around Seneca Lake and had an very peculiar experience there in August of 1988 . I would not be writing this If I hadn't got a book from the library about Ohio Bigfoot by Chris Murphy and seen a website for . I was checking out the area when I heard a sound that chilled me to the bone . Allow me to continue. I was hunting a farm along SR 513 near Batesville and my friend dropped me off about 5:30 pm. I hiked up a steep hayfield and nestled myself in about 30' from the hedgerow ( thick brush/ woods beyond ) in the 6" hay and dressed in full camo proceeded to just be still & blend in for the next hour or so till the grounghogs became active . About an hour later I spotted the 1st groundhog and centered the crosshairs of my .243 win on him and gently squeezed the trigger . BLAM.. at that moment behind me in the brush I heard a heavy crashing sound . I chuckled to myself thinking I had spooked a herd of deer which had bedded down . Over the next 3 hrs or so I proceeded to take approx 8 more shots at chucks in that field . During that time I kept hearing intermittent twigs snapping .. enough to register as odd (deer usually take off for a further distance ) but not enough for alarm . As dusk fell I figured I would pick up the chucks I had shot ..The farmers dog would drag them to the house all rotten if you didnt !!! During this time I had never moved from my original shooting position. I had one round left for my rifle which I thought was handy in case a chuck popped up on the walk back to the barn. I stood up to stretch my stiff muscles and immediatly the brush at the edge of the field 30' from me exploded with motion and noise ! I heard rapid crashing and a scream that I have never heard the likes of before. Instinctivly I swung the muzzle of my rifle in that direction and out of some primal reflex uttered a scream back .. it was like I had been challenged and I answered. I immediately forgot about picking up the groundhogs and started to make my way back to the farm in the failing light. I heard twigs snapping as whatever IT was, followed my progress in the brush.The whole time my rifle was pointed in that direction and the only thought I had was if it burst from cover let it get close enough to make my last shot count. As I got within a few hundred yds of the barn the sounds diminished as IT left. I mentioned this to my friend and he kidded me about hearing turkeys calling ... I KNOW WHAT TURKEYS SOUND LIKE !!! The taped Screams on this site are IDENTICAL to what I heard that evening .

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