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Report # 4951  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, March 24, 1999.
Young hunter has sighting, accompanied by knocking sounds, near Wintersville
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YEAR: 1997



COUNTY: Jefferson County

LOCATION DETAILS: Jefferson Co., Ohio near Wintersville and1/4 mile from US Route 22. In wooded area near our home.

NEAREST TOWN: Wintersville


OBSERVED: My grandson was squirrel hunting with his grandfather who had left him to sit on a log and moved to another area. He was 12 years old at the time. He saw a dark, hairy, figure run out from behind a tree. He said it was bigger than a person, it ran upright and ran very fast. He said it made a noise that reminded him of a "high pitched chain saw". He also said that its feet made a lot of noise thumping on the ground as it ran. He could hardly believe what he was seeing and after it disappeared out of sight he ran and found his grandfather and told him what he had seen but his grandfather didn't believe him. Another time he was playing in the woods and he heard strange noises like someone striking a tree with something. He heard these sounds from three seperate locations. He picked up a stick and started striking a tree himself and the noises stopped. I myself, heard this same noise in the woods behind our house.

OTHER WITNESSES: My grandson was sitting on a log watching for a squirrel. When he heard the noises he was playing in the woods.When I heard the noises I was standing in my back yard.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: The sighting occurred in the fall of 1997. My grandson has heard the knocking noises several times in the woods both before the sighting and after it.

I heard the knocking noises in the fall of 1998. I heard these noises coming from two different locations and the only explanation I could think of at the time was that someone was in the woods building a tree stand for deer hunting.

ENVIRONMENT: These incidents occurred in a forested area behind our house. We live on a ridge and there is a creek at the bottom of the hill and a hill going up to another ridge on the other side of the creek. The area is heavily forested but has been logged recently. It is not a particularly remote area though the woods probably go for a few miles without any houses.

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