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Report # 48940  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, June 9, 2015.
Daytime sighting by young bicyclist near Nottingham
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YEAR: 2013

SEASON: Summer


STATE: New Hampshire

COUNTY: Rockingham County


NEAREST TOWN: Nottingham , NH

NEAREST ROAD: Removed to protect witness

OBSERVED: Hi my name is XXXXXXX XXXX . I live in Nottingham, NH. Here is my story. So I was riding my bicycle in the woods when I heard a loud howl. When I heard that howl it felt like lightning struck me. I looked to the right and at the bottom of a hill in the woods I saw a big brown figure hitting a tree. I pedaled as fast as I could and ran inside. I would like to speak to a researcher personally. I give permission to have my story put on the website.

OTHER WITNESSES: 1 witness which was me. I was just biking in my woods.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was a hot summer day with no clouds.

ENVIRONMENT: Pine woods with a neighborhood a few feet away from my house.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Matt Hampson:

I was able to speak with the witness. Due to the fact the witness is a 14 year-old I obtained permission from his parent. Exact location have been removed from the report. The witness was able to fill in a few more details. Here is what he said.

He has mountain bike trails behind his house and had decided to go ride his bike on a nice summer day to get some exercise. He had been out riding the trails for a few minutes and was on his way down a hill when he heard some stomping noises. He stopped his bike, looked around and said in a loud voice, "Anybody there?" He did not hear any replies and could hear no other noises so he continued his ride. The trail continued on and goes up a hill. He said he had just gotten to the top of this hill when he heard what he said was a roar. When asked to describe the roar, the witness said "it sounded like a dog kinda but much deeper and stronger". He said this shocked him and he stopped immediately and looked to the right. The witness said that there standing about 20 feet away, at the bottom of this hill to the right of the trail, was a huge dark figure hitting a tree. Witness believes it was using its hand to hit the tree since he did not see a stick or a log.

Height estimated to be at least nine feet tall and very wide. I asked the witness to describe the width of the figure in comparison to the width of his dad. He said the figure was at least two and a half times the width of his dad. He said that the figure had reddish brown hair/fur, looked kinda dirty, and "smelled like a dumpster in the hot sun for two weeks straight." The figure and the witness locked eyes for a second or two and then he said the figure took two or three steps into the woods and was gone. The witness pedaled as fast as he could to his house and ran inside.

He said the figure had blue-greenish eyes. He said it looked like the figure kinda ground his teeth at him before it stepped into the woods. He also said that he could see his house from the top of the little hill that he also saw the figure from.

I believe the witness was truthful in his report and truthful on the phone. You could hear the emotion in his voice as he told me his sighting. I used to work near this area and used to travel the road the sighting was on at least twice a day. I was ALWAYS looking for signs. It is that kind of area. It is close to other sightings I have heard about through the "grapevine". I believe he saw a Bigfoot while riding the trails behind his house.

About BFRO Investigator Matt Hampson:

Matt lives in southern New Hampshire with his three sons and daughter. He first became interested in the subject after reading the book Bigfoot by B. Ann Slate and Allen Berry at a young age. He enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, and any chance he can get in the woods.
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