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Report # 48811  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, May 30, 2015.
Four-wheeler riders are observed by a tall white biped at dusk near Philpot
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YEAR: 2005


MONTH: September

DATE: Sept. 1

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Daviess County

LOCATION DETAILS: Boston Laffoon Rd off Hwy 54



OBSERVED: I saw a white colored bipedal animal, it looked to be around or over 7 feet tall, broad shoulders, and thick coarse hair draping off of the creature. Seen at dusk while riding on a fourwheeler trail to check a soybean field for deer. It looked at me and my brother (for what seemed like minutes but probably seconds, staring us in the eyes) overwhelmed with fear I geared down my fourwheeler. Looking down for a second to realize I was in neutral, as i looked back up trembling with fear he was almost out of sight running through the woods away from our direction. Nobody could have played a joke on us, it is private land and nobody knew we were going back there but the landowner that we told right before we drove back there.

ALSO NOTICED: Was standing less than 50 yards from us. I honestly don't know how i missed such a large animal, but once i saw it I knew what it was. Hard to say it wasn't a bigfoot when I saw it with my own eyes. It's just hard to convince people that wasn't there. So little evidence, but I'll be going to the grave with this story.

OTHER WITNESSES: One; riding on the back of the fourwheeler with me. My brother was the one that pointed the anonymous animal out, which was to my left.

OTHER STORIES: No one has seen anything odd like this around this area except me and my brother.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Dusk; right before dark so the woods was getting dark and almost the ideal conditions to record a scary movie. Weather was hot and muggy

ENVIRONMENT: On top of a wooded ridge

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jim Wigginton:

I spoke with the witness via a phone interview and believe him to be very sincere and credible.

V. and his younger brother T. had decided to check out a nearby soy bean field for deer signs. On the way back they took an ATV trail thru the woods on top a ridge. T. the passenger, notices a large figure on the left side of the trail. V. who was driving started to slow down and then to a stop less than 150 ft. away.

V. and T. just stared at the figure while the figure stared back. In front of them stood a 7' or so tall white figure with very wide shoulders. It was white in color with long matted shaggy hair, somewhat how the hair of a dog can appear. A cone shaped head, like a silver back gorilla with little to no facial hair and they did not notice any odd smells.

The area is not well-populated and has plenty of cover and water sources.

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