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Report # 4760  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, August 6, 2002.
Young man see's a "huge hairy ape looking thing" under a bridge on the Scioto River
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YEAR: 2002

SEASON: Summer


DATE: Thursday, July 18


COUNTY: Hardin County

LOCATION DETAILS: Coming in from Lima on 309 east. When you enter Kenton on 309 east turn right at the second traffic light. After you turn right go down a little ways and you will see the bridge.


NEAREST ROAD: South Leighton Street

OBSERVED: About three weeks ago I was walking down south Leighton St. on my way home. It was around 9:45 or 10:00 PM. As I was crossing the bridge I heard a splash in the water under the bridge. I go fishing under the bridge all the time so I'm not scared to go under there. I decided to see who was down there so I walked down the side of the bridge to get down there and when I got to the edge I didn't see anyone on the bank so I thought it was a fish splashing. The river is not that deep..three maybe four feet. I started to walk directly under the bridge and I heard the splash again. Standing in the middle of the river was a big huge hairy ape looking thing. It didn't look like what I thought a Bigfoot would look like. That is if it was a Bigfoot. As soon as I seen it the words holy s**t just came out my mouth. The darn thing heard me and turned around and started running through the water towards me, making a weird gurgling noise. I hauled a** up the side of the bridge and ran across the railroad tracks and fell and cut my elbow open. I went home told my mom and she thought I was on drugs. After that night I would make evry effort to avoid walking across that bridge at night. Who ever said these things will not harm you are full of it. I truly believe if that thing would have got a hold of my it would have tore me apart. Please take me seriously.

ALSO NOTICED: That it DID NOT seem friendly.

OTHER STORIES: A long time ago outside of Kenton. I dont know any details.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was about 10:00 PM. There was very little light, it was dry and hot out. Our area very little rain in the past few months.

ENVIRONMENT: Uunder the bridge, at the bank of the Scioto River.

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness is currently in the Army and called me back here at work after I left a voicemail on the cell number his mother provided. Here's what I learned:

1. His mother recollected the evening.
2. Eric was adamant that the event occurred as described. I was able to get him to fill in the following information:
A. That the water level did not reach the juncture of the creature's legs as it turned to come toward him, which means it was well in excess of six feet tall. He said it was very bulky.
B. That the creature was a dark color and that the hair up to chest high, including the arms, was dripping wet.
C. He now thinks the "gurgling" sound was vocal, but it might have been created by the creature walking through the water toward him.
D. Once he decided to flee he did not look back, so he does not know what the creature did as he scrambled to get away.
E. We discussed the possibility that someone was playing a hoax on him. He said there are three bridges that he could have picked to cross the river, so if someone was playing a hoax it was just a general hoax on someone passing by. He said he felt it was a real situation because until he heard something under the bridge, the creature was moving to the East as he had come down behind it. It seemed intent staying in the river and not on the shore area. He also said the size was well beyond even a large person and that there was no way a person in a monkey suit could move in water like this thing did once it turned toward him.

** The follow up interview was conducted by Investigator S.P. of Ohio. **

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