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Report # 4741  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, August 5, 2002.
Four witnesses have encounter near McCall
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YEAR: 1969

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 16

STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Valley County

LOCATION DETAILS: Approximately 6 miles from McCall as it was then. The area has now gone commercial and has much development on it. The actual location is now a tennis court.


NEAREST ROAD: Old East Lake road

We had gone out along the East side of Payette Lake to park on a double date. Once stopped, the other couple,sat on the outside of the car on the trunk. I and my date were on the inside and the windows were rolled up. After only 20 minutes,my buddy tapped lightly on the window, and once cracked open said something big had walked completely around the car and was now positioned about 15 or 20 feet in front of the car. He suggested we be prepared to leave in a hurry incase it was an angry bear. We made ready to turn on the headlights.

At the moment the lights came on we saw in front of us not much more that 15 feet away at the edge of the small clearing a bigfoot at about 6 feet tall, dense black fur and completely standing upright with arms to the side. This view lasted for only a second or at the most two seconds. The bigfoot spun rapidly on it heels and dashed into the cover of the woods.

OTHER WITNESSES: 4 witnesses total

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 10pm, clear skies, temp about 65. In the mountains a clear starry nite allows enough light to make out outlines of trees and roads.

ENVIRONMENT: Pine and Douglas Fir forested and about 200 feet east of Payette Lake.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Roland Wolfe:

The witness was not long on descriptive verbiage on this incident. Of course it happened 30 plus years ago. Discription of the animal was of a minimal nature. This portion of Valley County has many sightings over the years.

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