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Report # 4557  (Class A)
Submitted by Lola Slone on Thursday, September 25, 1997.
Saturday morning sighting by a motorist on William's Road
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YEAR: 1997

SEASON: Summer



COUNTY: Franklin County

NEAREST ROAD: William’s Road near Alum Creek Drive

OBSERVED: One morning in the middle of June 1997. It was early on Saturday morning my mom was on her way to work. She was driving down Williamís Road at around 7am. There wasn't much traffic on the road, but when she crossed a overpass. She saw something stooped over in the road, as she got closer it stood up . It looked at her just for a couple of seconds then walked away. It just stepped over the guardrail, and was gone. And only one week later on channel 10 news someone else seen it also. They even had a drawing of it on TV. My mom said it was the same thing she saw. This is the first time ever she has ever saw anything strange like that. It really makes us all wonder.

ALSO NOTICED: The color of the thing was a reddish brown. The head was very large and harry, it was twice as big as bear head. When it raised up it walked on two feet, it only took a couple of steps. It stepped over a guard rail. And as soon as it step over the guard rail it was in a large wooded area.

OTHER STORIES: No, I don't think so. But only a week later it was on the news. Mom had told us about it we just kinda push it aside. Till someone else seen it. In the same area. Check with channel 10 news in Columbus, Ohio.

ENVIRONMENT: Its a long road with lots of trees on both sides. On one side of the road has a large quarry. A place where we use to go 4wheeling its right off Alum Creek Drive.

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