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Report # 4538  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, June 19, 2002.
Early evening sighting in meadow near Narbona Pass in the Chuska Mountains
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YEAR: 2002

SEASON: Spring


DATE: June 15th

STATE: New Mexico

COUNTY: San Juan County

LOCATION DETAILS: Between Highway State routes 12 North and New Mexico State Hwy 666 (on New Mexico State Route 134)

NEAREST TOWN: Crystal, New Mexico

NEAREST ROAD: Narbona Pass highway (New Mexico State Route 134)

OBSERVED: Big foot sighting
Saturday June 15, 2002

At approximately 8:30 pm I was on my way back from a dinner with my grandfather Near Shiprock, NM. While sitting on the passenger side of my mom's truck I was looking out the window. On state highway near crystal NM. before bowl canyon turn off. At that moment I was feeling calm, bored and frustrated with trying to calm my younger cousin who was very hyper. So. while I was looking for something to amuse him I sighted something unusual moving, it was HUGE. It was as tall as the cedar trees that are around there. I was very scared and shaken when I saw it. I thought "What the heck is that!" It looked like a man but, as I was watching it I noticed it had hair covering its whole body with a mixture of grey/ dark brown and white on its chest. The head and the feet also the hands were all dark in color and the legs were dark grey. The face was lighter in color and when I saw the face it was turned toward my direction. The forhead was most unusual and it really stuck out with no neck. It had a little slump in the shoulder and its arm spanned down to its knees. It took large steps and its arms swung back and forth. The distance from the highway was about 60 yards. and I told my mom to stop, but she was scared, too scared to turn around.

ALSO NOTICED: My Uncles made a cast of what we believe to be the foot print, the next morning.

OTHER WITNESSES: My mother and little cousin.

OTHER STORIES: Just stories of bigfoot being around from time to time. I geuss it likes the area and animals.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Approximately 8:30 pm with
clear skies.

ENVIRONMENT: Dense Pine forest with oak and ceder outcrops and in a meadow with grass and a stream.

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness (D.N.) and his mother were interviewed about the incident. D.N. has provided the following additional details -

- The animal was approximately 8 - 9 feet tall; D.N. estimated that it weighed "hundreds" of pounds; its shoulders were very broad; the top of its head toward the back was pointed; no ears were visible; it had a nose that was shaped somewhere between a gorilla's nose and a human's nose; its hands were human-like; its hair was somewhat long; and its brow ridge protuded noticably.

- The animal walked on two legs and was slightly hunched over as it walked. It had a smooth gait, moderately bent knees, and strides approximately 5 - 6 feet in length. Its arms also swung from front to back noticably as it walked.

- D.N. sketched the animal after arriving home shortly after the sighting. He stated that he was quite shaken by the event and was therefore not able to sketch it accurately that evening. The next morning he made a second sketch after having calmed down from the prior evening. This second sketch was analyzed and determined to be of very high quality and accuracy.

- The witness and his family returned to the location the next morning and videotaped the area of the sighting. Because the sighting occurred prior to the rainy season, the ground was extremely hard. Nonetheless, one track was identified and cast. Other possible tracks were noted but they were not clear enough to cast. The track which was cast was roughly rectangular and measured 11 1/2 inches in length, 5 5/8 inches in width, and 3/4 inch deep. The details of the track were very poor because of the hard ground surface and grassy/rocky ground cover; accordingly, no individual toe or skin impressions were discernable. Further, it is not clear whether the track represents a total foot impression or a partial impression. The cast was analyzed by the investigator; its relative width suggests a non-human bipedal animal and is consistent with sasquatch morphology. Although unlikely due its unique morphology, it cannot be ruled out that the cast represents a natural depression or that of another animal. The lack of detail in no way detracts from the sighting but, instead, simply reflects the poor, hard ground surface in the area.

- D.N. stated that it was clearly not a bear and that it was far too large to be a human.

- The witness, his mother, and his cousin were driving west bound on New Mexico State Route 134 at the time of the sighting. The animal was seen walking approximately 60 yards north of the highway near a stream in a grassy meadow not far from the pine forest.

D.N. is a credible witness and careful observer. Although his mother was also in the vehicle, she did not see the animal because she was simultaneously driving and attending to a small child. She fully supported her son's sincerity and his skills as an observer.

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