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Report # 414  (Class A)
Submitted by witness B.S. on Sunday, October 8, 2000.
Year long sightings by family
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YEAR: 74-75

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 15

STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Palm Beach County

LOCATION DETAILS: This location is somewhat rural.It is on the outskirts of Lkae Worth. It used to be a hog farm, and is somewhat secluded. West of Lake Worth, near the Everglades.


NEAREST ROAD: Military Trail

OBSERVED: These thing's which we called skunk ape's,would come on our
property at night and eat mango's,and other fruit. They would also sometimes
come to the travel trailer and look in the windows as if they were curious.
On one ocation they had picked up a 100 lb. hog out of the pen, bit three
large bite's out of it,and spit it out. It was like he was taking out chunks
to get to the liver. That's all he ate of the hog. when they would come
around we also noticed that the horses would go crazy! they appaerantly had
came from the everglades looking for food. During this time there had been a
large fire which had burned off a very lage part of the everglades! We
susspected that the lack of cover had driven them into the rural areas in
our vacinity and there had been many sightings.
I saw the whole family of these creatures at one time! The first one I saw,
I thought was a big one. I later realized that this must be the young one.
It was about 7 ft. tall and had brown hair. Later, I meet up with "dad". He
was huge, about 12 feet tall and had silver-gray hair. The "mom" was 8 to 10
feet tall with brownish-gray hair. They all had long arms, hardly any neck
and man can they run fast. They stink real bad, too. We tried hunting these
things, but it was like they were playing a game with us. At that time there
was a big reward out for one of these things. We spent about a year hunting
these things. They are real intelligent. We even shot at them at close
range and they would just rub the spot and look at us as if to say "Why did
you do that"?. they would just turn and run away. Myself, wife, cousin,and
even a police officer witnessed these event's and a nieghbor. I know this
seem's far fetched or unbelievable, but I swear this is the truth! I tried
to report this back then ,everyone thought that we were crazy! After that
year, we didn't see them any more. They probably moved back to the
Everglades when it started growing back up. The closest I came to one of
them was about a foot, I walked up on it. Thing is, they NEVER showed any
aggression towards us, even after getting shoot at. We could always hear
them outside at night chattering a lot.

ALSO NOTICED: smell, chattering (or some type of communications), tracks, hair, little ones, big ones.


OTHER STORIES: A neighbor had called the police and told the police (excuse the treminology) that the biggest black man she had ever seen was taking the fruit off her trees and she wanted them to arrest him. It really liked those Rose Apples.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Mainly during the night time hours

ENVIRONMENT: It was surronded by what we call dog fennels, and some trees, and there were man made canals around the area.

Follow-up investigation report:

At one point a Palm Beach County Deputy went out with Buddy and friends.

The Deputy saw the "father Bigfoot" that night. The police did send hair samples to a lab (?) in Miami, and it came back as "unknown species". I checked with with Palm Beach records, but unfortunately they don't keep anything that far back.

This guy is a genuine Floridian. He tells it like it is and doesn't give a darn what people think about him. I enjoyed speaking with him.

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