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Report # 41290  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, May 30, 2013.
Motorists view light shaggy figure on railroad tracks near Ft. Loudon Lake
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YEAR: 2010

SEASON: Spring


STATE: Tennessee

COUNTY: Monroe County

LOCATION DETAILS: middle of railroad tracks, trees, wooded area


OBSERVED: I believe it was May 2010, I was with my son and was crossing railroad tracks, I looked down the tracks and said to my son what is that, about a block or so down the tracks was a creature standing in the middle of the tracks, it was big shaggy, light brown, standing on two legs...I didn't know what to think except that I saw a bigfoot...this happened in Monroe County,Tenn.

ALSO NOTICED: Yeah ok, my daughter gets off work around midnight, about 2 days prior to my sighting she told me she was coming home with her friend and saw something in the woods by rr tracks, she said it was big and hairy, and not sure what they saw.

OTHER WITNESSES: one witness, riding in car with me

OTHER STORIES: I have heard of a sighting in North Carolina, which is about 20 mts. from here

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was middle of day, sunny, clear

ENVIRONMENT: wooded area, trees all around

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Ashlan Yost:

After speaking to the witness via phone I would add these details to the original report:

This was a daytime sighting. The time was estimated to be between 3:00-5:00pm. The witness along with his son saw the figure standing in the middle of the railroad tracks as they crossed the tracks. When they realized that it was not a man or animal that they recognized, they stopped the vehicle to observe. The witness estimates that they watched the figure for five to ten minutes. It was facing them and remained motionless the entire time. He estimates that they observed it at a distance of ~150-200ft. The coloration was described as very light brownish/tan with some red. The hair was fairly long and shaggy. The build was described as "tall and husky." The witness estimates that the figure was over six feet in height, though this is just a rough estimate. He recalls seeing arms hanging down at the sides, but could not see details of the hands or face. The witnesses drove on when another motorist came up behind them.

The area on either side of the tracks is heavily forested. There are numerous creeks and ponds in the area along with a lake that is a short distance from this location.

The witness is very familiar with the area and the native wildlife. He is aware that bears frequent the location where this sighting took place, but he is certain that what he saw was not a bear.

About BFRO Investigator Ashlan Yost:

Ashlan Yost was born and raised in East Tennessee. She has spent a great deal of time hiking and camping in remote areas.She has also spent a considerable amount of time in remote upstate New York. She has had a life-long fascination with animals, particularly wildlife. She is a licensed Veterinary Technician, practicing in the state of Tennessee. Ashlan began researching the sasquatch phenomenon ~2005. Attended:
2010 Tennessee BFRO Expedition
2011 Tennessee BFRO Expedition
2013 Kentucky BFRO Expedition
2013 West Virginia BFRO Expedition
Numerous private Expeditions.
Her main interest in the subject involves evidence such as tracks, scat, and hair samples. She also has a distinct interest in animal behavior.

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