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Report # 4116  (Class B)
Submitted by witness S.K. on Thursday, April 11, 2002.
Woman hears nighttime screams near Polk
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YEAR: 2000

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: 21 April, 00

STATE: Missouri

COUNTY: Polk County

LOCATION DETAILS: The area is open fields along with heavy wooded areas. Mostly for cattle grazing. We lived on a 200 acres farm at the time. We lived on a gravel road about 3 miles outside of town. It was road 157.

NEAREST TOWN: Humansville

NEAREST ROAD: about a mile from 13 Hwy

OBSERVED: I didn't actually see it. But I heard it on 2-3 occasions in the middle of the night while I was wake in bed. It was a very loud high pitched scream, loud enough to wake me up one time in the middle of the night.

ALSO NOTICED: I heard the screechs at least on 2-3 occasions prior to this one. At first I thought it was some other animal. But then the thought crossed my mind that it could have been a bigfoot.

OTHER WITNESSES: My husband,he was sleeping when I woke him up after hearing it. He heard the high pitched screechs as well.

OTHER STORIES: Yes! My sister lives in Warsaw,Missouri (don't know the county). She said one night they were traveling back home from a family outting. When they were getting ready to cross a bridge. She said that there was something huge and hairy standing on the bridge. She said it looked up at her for a moment,and then proceeded to jump off of the bridge. She said she knew it was a bigfoot,she has no doubt in her mind. And it really freaked her out.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Middle of the night. Early morning hours about 1-3 a.m. Clear night,with a moon showing.

ENVIRONMENT: There is a creek that runs through the property. The field across the road was mostly heavly wooded,with some grazing areas for the neighbors cattle. Lots of walnut trees,other trees that I'm not familiar with.

Follow-up investigation report:

S.K. related her account to me, which was nearly identical to the report form of her account. She compared the warbling or shrieking sound to the 1973 Payallup WA vocalization on the BFRO site. She indicated that the sound lasted from thirty seconds to one minute, with the cycle of "hoots" beginning and ending twice, as if the originator of this call was communicating, and waiting for a reply.

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