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Report # 4095  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Sammi Ridgeway on Friday, March 13, 1998.
Surprise observation by two hunters on the opposite bank of the river
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YEAR: mid 1970's


STATE: Arkansas

COUNTY: Saline County

LOCATION DETAILS: I'm not sure the first try went through so I thought I'd send my story again. I apologize if you already got it. Arkansas, Saline County

- on the shores of the Saline River
- Nearest town probably Tull
- Not sure of the road/highway
- they were pretty far into the woods when this story took place.


OBSERVED: A couple of my uncles were out hunting near the Saline river when whey decided to get a drink from the River (back when it was clean enough to drink from!) They dropped their guns and backs and knealt down at the River's edge. As they were drinking, they heard noises coming from across the River....brush rattling, sticks breaking, etc. They got their guns and prepared to get a deer and were surprised when a large, brown figure came trotting out of the brush and headed downshore a bit before crossing over to their side of the River. At first they thought it was a bear, but then saw that it was running on two legs like an ape or man. Realizing it had crossed over to their sides, they decided it was smart to cross over to the other side and head back upstream to their trucks. They kept on their toes until they got back to the road, but didn't hear or see anything strange the rest of the day.

ALSO NOTICED: Those woods are full of stories - who knows if they're true or not? Folks down here don't exactly "lie", but they appreciate a good, entertaining story. You never really know if someone is being straight or pulling your leg. I tend to believe this one though. I remember them when they got back to my grandmother's house that day - they were pretty rattled (not normal for anyone in my family). And none of us are easily shook up.

OTHER WITNESSES: Drinking from the River - before that, just walking down the riverbank.

ENVIRONMENT: Mostly piney forest and swampy bottom land. They would very, very far back into the woods. Much of that area is still undeveloped (a lot of area owned by paper mills and Alcoa and Reynolds factories).

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