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Report # 40542  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, March 24, 2013.
Possible vocalization brings attention to a large figure just outside a home near Uriah
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YEAR: 2012

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February

STATE: Alabama

COUNTY: Monroe County

LOCATION DETAILS: Uriah, AL just off Hwy. 59.

Please do not post the exact address location.


OBSERVED: My wife and myself were visiting her mother in south Alabama shortly before moving to Florida. At approx. 0100-0200 I was was voluntold to get our bags out of the car since we hadn't brought them in. The car was about 30 ft from the bottom of the ramp on the back porch and 20 ft from the north end of the car port (which is mostly open, except for a single partially closed in section on the north end). The night was dead silent with no wind. Upon reaching the bottom of the ramp I began to turn to my right towards the car when I heard what can only be described as similar to a bull snorting mixed with a grunt. I immediately turned towards the location of the sound, the back of the carport, and drew my sidearm. Due to a light on in the carport being pointed directly at me, I could not see what it was, but a shape. I had a small flashlight on me and pointed it at the thing. It didn't help much due to the light being in my eyes, but I was able to make out a creature bigger than me and at least 3 ft across at the shoulder. It made the sound again, but didn't move. I called out to it, thinking it was a person, but no response. After what felt like a few minutes, it made the sound again and seemed to get shorter. I began to move to my right towards the car to retrieve a rifle I kept in there and the thing moved to my left, so that we effectively circled each other until it reached the end of the carport on the south end. I reached the car and without turning, retrieved my rifle. As i pulled it out, the creature turned towards the woodline at the back of the property and seemed to either slowly run or quickly walk into the brush. i took this time to go back into the house and get a better flashlight. I came back out maybe 5 minutes later after finding one, to find nothing. The guard dog had reappeared and you could hear various insects around.

The next morning I went to the area at the back of the property where the sighting had happened. From looking at disturbed spots on the ground I could tell that whatever it was, it had padded feet with a step of about 3-4ft., was between 7-9ft. tall, and moved in an upright fashion on two legs. Since then it hasn't been seen again, but there are times when the guard dog mysteriously disappears and there is no sound outside. the whole incident lasted 10 mts. or so.

To add, the dog is called a "guard dog" because if anything happens, he will be the first to leave. i.e, if he's there, nothing else is. Don't see the dog, you have a problem.

I've never believed in sasquatch, bigfoot, or whatever name is given to them. But I've researched this incident for a year now and I can't come up with any other reasonable explanation.

ALSO NOTICED: No sound during from wind, bugs, etc.

Whatever it was, it was not afraid of me or my guns. It did not seem to wish me harm, but more curious as to what I was/what I was doing. The fact it had no fear was the scariest part of the whole encounter.

OTHER WITNESSES: My mother in law and wife exited with me the second time I went out, but none of us saw anything.

OTHER STORIES: I've been told of others who have seen similar things, but haven't spoken to those witnesses.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 0100-0200 non-overcast/no wind.

ENVIRONMENT: Field and deep wild growth. Behind the carport at the very back of the property.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Michael Brumfield :

This gentleman was very forth coming. A former National Guardsman, visiting in-laws in southern Alabama. He was on his way out to the car to retrieve the luggage before going to bed. It was a quiet, still evening with no clouds. With a flashlight he went toward the car, that is when he heard a snorting grunt from the back of the carport. He then saw a shape back lit by the pole light. The figure was about 8ft 6 inches tall (compared to a broken branch found the next day) 3- 4 feet wide and about 500- 600 lbs. The man then drew his side arm and called out. The animal made the same sound again. He thought it might even be a person. Again the sound was repeated, alarmed the man without losing eye contact made his way to the car trunk, where he removed his rifle. It was stated that he never felt threatened. Upon the man gaining his rifle the creature backed off and retreated into the woods. The man then went into the house to retrieve a better light, upon returning with the wife and mother-in-law in tow there was nothing. The next day there were scuff marks on the ground and a broken branch where the creature was seen.

The man was told of others that had seen the same thing over the years. In fact. his in-laws have had meat removed from freezers on the carport while other valuables are left undisturbed.

The area is wooded with a river and streams, a wildlife preserve, plenty of deer and hog around, along with wild berries and peanut fields.

About BFRO Investigator Michael Brumfield :

Mike has worked 15 years as a quality control lab technician. Has attended many private investigations, BFRO Georgia 2011, Alabama 2013, NW Florida 2013 and 2014,2015. He has been interested in the Bigfoot subject since he was a kid. Spent time as a docent at the Gulf Breeze Zoo. Avid outdoorsman, spent most of his life in the woods and has hiked parts of the Appalachian Trail.
Mike helped organize the Alabama 2013, NW Florida 2015 public expedition.

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