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Report # 400  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, October 4, 2000.
Woman remembers encounter not far from Brazos River.
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YEAR: 1975


MONTH: October

DATE: October 1975

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Parker County

LOCATION DETAILS: It was at the corner of Bennett Road and Dobbs Valley Road.


NEAREST ROAD: It was on Bennett Road.

OBSERVED: I was driving home from town, to my parents house in southwest Parker County, when I came to the turn off to go down their road. I saw something big to the left of the road. It was dark brown or black and was standing up next to a tree. It must have been 7 or 8 foot tall. It looked like it was eating leaves off a tree or something. As I drove up to the turnoff, it ran back (on 2 legs) into more trees, toward my parents home. I was afraid to get out of the car when I reached the house, thinking this thing could be right behind me. This memory has always haunted me. I do not lilke going down to my parents house at night any more, for fear something is living around that area. My parents house is about 1 to 1 1/2 miles from the Brazos river.

ALSO NOTICED: The property is all fenced in, I did not go back and look for any footprints or anything, frankly I was too scared to.


OTHER STORIES: I have not heard of any other reports of this kind.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was dusk, not quite dark, but not daylight.

ENVIRONMENT: The creature was inside the fence, at a clump of trees.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the witness via telephone about her encounter that took place when she was a teenager.

Although her encounter occurred many years ago, the witness recalled it like it happened recently. My call was placed to her without warning, and it had been a substantial amount of time since she submitted the report, yet she spoke of the incident with assurance.

The witness told me that she was driving home one evening just as the sun was going down. It was not quite dark enough to necessitate the use of headlights. As she turned onto the road on which her parents lived, she saw something large to her left standing next to a tree with its back to her. The witness said she immediately thought it was a bigfoot. The creature was "reaching up in the trees picking berries or leaves." I rather surmise that the creature was more likely attempting to harvest pecans or acorns. At any rate, the witness had an instantaneous fear reaction. She said she could see that the creature was covered in "brownish-red, dark, long hair" and that its "arms were long." The witness went on to describe the animal as having an appearance like a "humongous man but hairy."

As the witness drove past the animal, it "took off running west on two legs." The witness also stated that the bigfoot "ran very fast" and that its "stride was very long." She noted that it "ran into the trees." The creature never turned to face her. Her encounter was very short and she was quite shaken by it.

She drove on to her parents' house but was afraid to get out of the vehicle for fear that the animal "may have followed" her. Finally, she gathered the courage to exit the vehicle, and went into the house, only to have her parents tell her that she was "seeing things." However, years later, her husband (being from East Texas) would have no trouble believing her.

The witness stated that the area was very much "a wilderness area" back then, but now is much more developed with new homes appearing more often.

In summation, the witness was very clear about her encounter and was not hesitant whatsoever. For those who would challenge her veracity, the witness simply said, "You should have been there. I was there - I know what I saw."

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