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Report # 39520  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, February 5, 2013.
Motorists see tall, hairy human-like figure wading across the Colorado River east of Glenwood Springs
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YEAR: 2013

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

DATE: 01-17-2013

STATE: Colorado

COUNTY: Eagle County

LOCATION DETAILS: Between Dotsero and Glenwood Springs on I-70 WB.

NEAREST TOWN: 15 miles east of Glenwood Springs Colorado

NEAREST ROAD: we were traveling west on I 70

OBSERVED: My wife and myself and another couple were traveling west on I-70 roughly the 135 mile marker. The Colorado River is very visible to your left side only 50 yards away. The temperature was 10 degrees. It was about 5 pm, still plenty of daylight. We were all enjoying viewing the Colorado River when we all four noticed something tall thin and hairy walking in the middle of the river. It was slightly leaning forward and its arms were swinging. We just saw it for a few seconds, as we were traveling at highway speeds. We commented to each other that as strange as it seems it was a bigfoot.

OTHER WITNESSES: There were four witnesses total. We were traveling west on I-70

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 5pm at dusk, the lighting was adequate to see up to 300 yards. The weather was clear and very cold at 10 degrees.

ENVIRONMENT: It is all BLM land.

A & G References: Colorado Atlas and Gazateer, Delorme
Pg 36 C/D - 1
Elevation 6685ft

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Dennis Pfohl:

I Spoke to the eyewitness, Forest, over the phone and have the following to add to the original report.

Forest, his wife and his longtime friends all live in Missouri. The two couples were traveling West by car on Interstate 70 through Colorado on their way to Nevada to play golf. All four persons in the vehicle where looking towards the Colorado River, and enjoying the beautiful scenery when they spotted the figure.

What they witnessed was a tall, skinny, dark and seemingly hair-covered, humanoid figure walking across the Colorado River. Forest stated that he immediately looked at the cars outside temperature sensor and it read 10degF, they all thought that it was very odd and simply too cold to be a human walking in what certainly must have been freezing river water.

Forest stated that It was moving in the direction of the interstate, crossing from South to North. He continued, It was walking on two legs, and it was swinging long arms, definitely not a bear! He thought the water was rather shallow at this point, the river is fairly wide here and it appeared that it was only as deep as its ankles.

They all quickly lost sight of it as they passed by, the speed limit here is 60mph. With nowhere to safely pull over or turn around on this interstate they never got another chance to look at it.

This area is remote along Interstate 70, no houses in the vicinity. See this Google Maps street-view from the approximate location for reference.

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We recently received a comment (Below) to our website regarding this report. Although the eyewitnesses are fairly sure what they saw had no hunting gear visible, it should be noted that this could be a possible explanation to this encounter.

UPDATE: I am an avid duck hunter in the dotsero area where this report was seen. 1. At 5pm on that date the sun was going down and beginning to make things at a distance look like dark figures. 2. Me an my group have never seen anything close to the resemblance of a Bigfoot print in the area in snow, mud or in river. 3. The area said to be explained is not ankle deep although at that time there were 3 duck hunters in the area at that time me and both of my brothers. We were crossing the Colorado river on an ice shelf to scout new hunting area for the next weekend. So I believe that we were on the river hunting the same time of this sighting, on the same date. In the exact same area.

About BFRO Investigator Dennis Pfohl:

Dennis Pfohl is a business owner in Colorado and an avid Outdoorsman. He attended the 2004 New Mexico Expedition (Mescalero IR), 2005 New Mexico Expedition (Mescalero), 2005 California Sierras Expedition, and 2005/2008 Oklahoma exp. 2008 Texas Expedition. Organizer of the first Colorado
BFRO expedition in 2005, and organized the 06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 and( non public) Colorado Expeditions.

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