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Report # 39279  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, January 25, 2013.
Veteran is surprised at home by a large night visitor near Archdale
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YEAR: 2013

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

DATE: Friday, 25th

STATE: North Carolina

COUNTY: Randolph County

LOCATION DETAILS: Please don't post


OBSERVED: The time and date was Friday, Jan. 25th at around 5 or 10 past midnight. I was sitting at my desk which is on the same wall as my front door, maybe 1 foot away from my front door. I was actually playing an online game when I had to take a break and use the bathroom. My bathroom is located on the left side of my front door down a short hall. I got from the desk and turned to go down to the bathroom and as I crossed in front of the front door, something... I don't know what... caught my attention. I turned to look out the window of the door which I have a habit of doing anyway, and saw the thing. Now mind you, all the lights were off in the house except for the monitor for the computer and the T.V. Now, my window in the front door is probably 4 inches wide by by maybe two and a half feet tall. Anyway, like I said, I looked out the window and saw the thing. I call it the thing because I am still not quite sure what I saw, but, I do know for a fact what I think I saw. I have stated before that it looked kind of like a Captain Cave man, but I guess it looked more like an over grown cousin It from the Addams Family. It had what looked like a dark brownish to black hair everywhere, no neck that I could really tell of or see and really long arms.I couldn't really see any facial features because of all the hair. Its hair on its body and arms meshed so well together it really did look like an over grown cousin It. Keep in mind also that I have several street lights nearby the house and when the moon is out, even when there are clouds in the sky I can still see in the front yard pretty good so I know it wasn't a shadow, it was way to solid and it wasn't haze build up from the cold outside because I hadn't opened the door yet. Back to the thing. Now I stand around 5 foot 8 inches, so I figure to the bottom of my chin is real close to 5 feet. From the bottom of my door to the ground is right at 3 feet. It looked to me like the thing was at least up to my chin to the top of its head, so I am roughly figuring this thing was at least 8 feet tall. My steps are 4 feet wide hand rail to hand rail, the thing was as wide as my steps. It looked as if were bent over like it was looking in the door, but, it was standing at the bottom of the steps on the ground so I cant be sure what it was doing. Now my desk is like I said about a foot from the door on the right side of the door, but where my monitor, keyboard and desk is is on the far side of the desk about 4 feet from the door. Between the monitor and the door on the desk is my printer and various other stuff including my camera. I turn my head to find my camera and grab it to maybe get a picture of the thing because I know if I tell anybody they will think I am crazy. By the time I find my camera, grab it and look back, it's gone. I look out the window real good in the yard and turn mu porch light on and see nothing. I slowly open the front door to get a really good look, still nothing. It's as if this thing has vanished. So I close the door and go on to the bathroom. When I come back and sit down I can hear what i can only describe as sounding like thunder but not nearly as loud or as long, maybe a couple or few seconds at a time. I am the only one up at this time of the morning so no one else that I know of saw or heard anything. I know I am not crazy and I have 20/20 eye sight. I was in the army in my younger days. I have traveled a lot of places and seen many strange yet wonderful things, all of which have a reason for why they are, where, what or how they are. This thing, I have never in my life ever seen anything like it before... anywhere, and I have seen hundreds of pictures between the web and that show where they hunt for big foot on Animal Planet. I know I sound like a wild lunatic about now but that is what I saw and heard.

ALSO NOTICED: My 4 cats were a bit fidgity last night running back and forth thru the living room. When i opened the front door I did smell like a rotten wood smell but the tree beside the house has dead limbs that fall all the time so I thought that would account for the smell.

OTHER WITNESSES: My wife and two kids were asleep and none of the neighbors have said anything to me if they saw anything.

OTHER STORIES: Just that one guy that said he caught an image of bigfoot on his IR camera in Pisgah a few years back.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Just after midnight. It was slightly overcast and very cold as we were expecting an ice storm the next day. As for the lighting, with 4 street lights and the moon was out, you could see pretty good.

ENVIRONMENT: Its a mix between woods and fields. There are a couple bodies of water around us and a creek down below us. They have just built Randleman lake close to us just a few years ago. We're not that far from Pisgah national park and about 45 minutes from Pilot Mountain.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Kevin Zorc:

In addition to the report the witness added the following information;

During the event the weather was cold (mid 20's), wind mild, sky slightly overcast and lit with a near full moon. Sighting time was shortly after midnight on January 25, 2013.

The witness, while walking past a 4” narrow window, observed an approximately 8 foot tall, 4 foot wide form standing outside on grade near the steps to his residence. As a deer hunter, veteran and EMT, he does not believe it was a bear, person or any other animal known to him. Streetlights back-lit the figure, and he reports it was covered with hair colored dark brown or black. The form was further described as wide, muscular and possessing a profile similar to an “overgrown football player”. Arms extended past the knees while no facial or significant lower body details could be observed. The witness attests he was immediately fearful and believes the animal was crouched down to see into the house window. When the witness left briefly and returned with a camera to take a picture, the figure was gone from view. He opened the door and saw nothing out of the ordinary, although he believes several large trees in the front yard may have concealed the visitor. Although deeply affected and startled by this event, he did not consider immediately calling law enforcement as he did not believe it was a person.

Soon after the sighting the witness recalled hearing a half dozen repeated exterior sounds detected over a 4-5 minute period, each described as a deep rumbling/growling reminiscent of thunder. He could clearly hear this unidentified sound from inside the residence, and no doors or windows were open.

The witness, his family and neighbors live in a quiet, rural community. The local terrain is a combination of wooded plots and farm fields with sufficient nearby water supplies (creek, pond, lake). Numerous deer populate the area. The residents routinely dispose of excess food scraps near the treeline of the development and he believes this attracts various local animals to forage. The witness was frightened and most apprehensive; as a result of this sighting he is deeply concerned with the safety of his wife and children.

The witness requests that the specific location of the event not be published and otherwise kept confidential.

About BFRO Investigator Kevin Zorc:

Kevin Zorc enjoys outdoor activities; backpacking the Appalachian Trail and hiking around the United States. He attended GA 2011(#1), NC 2011 & 2013, Ohio 2012, West Virginia 2012/2013, Michigan UP 2012, California Central Sierra 2013/2014, California 2015 Expeditions and co organized the June 2014 NC Expedition.

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