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Report # 39121  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, January 20, 2013.
Recollection of a possible night time road crossing near Angola
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YEAR: 1998, 1999

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February

STATE: Delaware

COUNTY: Sussex County

LOCATION DETAILS: On route 24 near Angola area



OBSERVED: In 1998 or 1999 my brother and a friend were meeting up with me and another friend at home. When they came in the house they were both filled with fear with what that had just saw. It was winter time and it was also in the evening around 7 p.m. and raining. They were driving down route 24 near the Angola light when something ran across the road on all fours. Then when it got across the road to the field they both said it stood up and it had red eyes. I just started to watch the television show finding bigfoot and remembered that night and called my brother up again to get the details to see if I remembered it right.



ENVIRONMENT: forest, ponds, creeks, marsh are in the area

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Aaron B.:

I spoke with original submitter of this report. While he was not the actual witness, he did see the resulting fear and anxiety the witness expressed immediately following the sighting. The submitter willingly put me in contact with his brother, the original witness. The following is his verbatim testimony:

"My friends and I were driving home late one night (around 1:00AM) down route 24. We were driving to a community called xxxxxxxx very close to the Angola Area. When driving down Route 24 there are thick woods on either side making it really dark and dangerous for hitting deer, so we were driving slower than normal. There is a clearing with fields on both sides of the road right when you take a left to Angola and then a right to xxxxxxxx a few 100 yards or so. Right as we were coming out of the woods we see something come into the middle of the street, we were approximately 40 to 50 yards from it. We couldn't make out what it was however the head turned toward us and we could see red eyes, then it ran off (on four legs, the size of it was twice as big a deer) to the other side of the street. Once we got to the area where it crossed we stopped the car and looked to our left and we saw a tall big silhouette of a person standing still for about 15 seconds. We were going to get out and say something but realized with everything that just took place and it being 1:00AM curiosity turned into fear and we fled to my house as fast as possible."

Upon further discussions with the witness further details were gathered. The animal was actively crossing the road in a quadrupedal manner when the witness came upon it. The animal stopped briefly looking directly at the approaching vehicle. This is when the red eyeshine was witnessed. The animal then proceeded across the road on its original path. Once to the other side, it stood upright and did not move as the car came past. The witness described the hair as shaggy and gray-brown in color. Unfortunately, in the 12+ years since the encounter neither brother had contact information for the other witnesses and this also contributes to the discrepancy in the "time of occurrence".

The area is surrounded by many permanent fresh water sources as well as plenty of cover including forest as well as marsh. There is abundant game in the surrounding wooded areas as well as in or near the water sources. The area has been developed some since the sighting. This area currently still retains some larger tracts of forest.

About BFRO Investigator Aaron B.:

Aaron B. has had a life-long interest in the Sasquatch phenomenon. He is an avid outdoorsman and naturalist, as well as an accomplished artist. He has attended public expeditions NC 2011, WV 2012, PA 2013, WV 2013, NC 2014 as well as private expeditions.

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