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Report # 3780  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, February 15, 2002.
So. Oregon man hears late night footsteps around mobile home, by Jump-off Joe Creek Rd. near Grants Pass
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YEAR: 1978


DATE: 1978

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Josephine County

LOCATION DETAILS: Jump Off Joe Creek Road


NEAREST ROAD: Interstate 5 approx 8 miles away

OBSERVED: I believe I was visited by a bigfoot. I was living out on my family's 3/4 acre place. It was heavily timbered with a year-round creek in the back of the property and a mobile home. The location is about 8 miles northeast of Grants Pass, Oregon. The year I believe was fall of 1978. I moved up from southern California to Oregon and on the night of the visit I was home alone. I had been sleeping and I am guessing it was maybe 2 a.m. when I was awakened by heavy, bi-pedal footsteps walking around my 12 x 60 ft mobile home. Pine needles littered the grass and seemed to amplify the heavy steps. I have hunted and fished all my life and have never felt anything like that night: the sensation and fear of what was outside my trailer stomping around.

Mind you my closest neighbor was 100 yards away on his 3/4 acre place. No man would have been tromping around my trailer that night. I sat up against the headboard of my bed with my rifle. I was shaking and scared and the hair was standing up on the back of my neck!

I could not get up the courage to get up and look out the window. After some time the visitor walked away and after a couple of hours I dozed off until morning. I did not tell anyone because of ridicule.This really happened !

ALSO NOTICED: no smell noted,but all windows were closed that night.what was weird is that we had a mercury vapor light out in the front yard and it really lit up the it was not afraid maybe just curious and maybe it knew I was alone!!!


OTHER STORIES: after that night,bought the book by John Green
On the track of the Sasquatch I believe,noted several sightings in Josephine County


ENVIRONMENT: pine forest,year round creek,sparsely populated area at that time, horse ranches bordering both front and rear of property

Follow-up investigation report:

Jump-off Joe Creek is north of Grants Pass, the Merlin exit of I-5, as I recall. The area is more developed nowadays but its proximity to vast tracts of forestland in the Rogue River basin make it very plausible sasquatch country. The witness is sufficiently experienced in outdoor pursuits that his account, while lacking in visual confirmation, does bear weight. He is certain that something more unusual than a prowler or a bear was in the proximity of his residence.

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