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Report # 3614  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, January 7, 2002.
Large figure prowls around cabin outside Williamstown
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YEAR: 1985-86

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

STATE: New York

COUNTY: Oswego County

LOCATION DETAILS: located in the woods just across the Williamstown bridge headed east on the north side of Rt. 13 on the east side of the williamstown Pond.

NEAREST TOWN: Williamstown, NY


OBSERVED: The incident occured in 1985-86 not sure which. A friend and I went into the woods to stay the night in a cabin by a small creek that my friends brother had built. The cabins floor was about two feet off the ground to prevent flooding. It was about 11:00 pm when my friend and I heard someone at the door which we had locked. Someone was trying to get in. When we asked who was there, no one answered. Whoever or whatever it was moved around to the side of the cabin where the window was. All we saw was a shape in the window. The top of the figures head reached almost to the top of the window, which I estimated to be some 8 feet off the ground outside. We were terrified beyond belief. We huddled in a corner not getting a wink of sleep all night. The next morning we cautiously went outside to investigate. The ground was frozen with patches of snow that were riddled with footprints from everyone the day before. It wasnt until I crossed the stream that I noticed a set of footprints that looked like someone had walked barefoot up the side of a steep embankment that ran along side the creek. I called my friend over to look. The stride was to wide for either of us to make especially since they were going up the embankment. We just figured that someone had come in the middle of the night to mess with us. At the time there were snow shoes that looked like a big version of someones bare foot circulating department stores. I guess neither of us wanted to believe that it could've been anything else. To this day no one has confessed to trying to scare us that night. It just makes me wonder.

ALSO NOTICED: The only unusual thing we observed other than the fact that something we could not identify was lurking about outside our cabin was the footprints we found about 50 feet west of the cabin on the north side of the creek.

OTHER WITNESSES: the only other witness was my childhood friend. He and I were just hanging out in the cabin. I'm not really sure what we were doing, but I think we might have been playing cards.

OTHER STORIES: there are lots of local myths and legends but none that describe what people may have believed to be a bigfoot. One legend in particular is of an old conductors ghost who walks the old railroad tracks carrying a lantern and wrapped in what people say is a sleeping bag, trying to reach the williamstown station. He supposedly was the conductor when the train was headed west from Westdale during a blizzard. The train got caught in a drift and the conductor volunteerd to go get help but never made it and was found the next morning forzen in a snow bank along the tracks still holding his lantern and wrapped in a sleeping bag.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: IT was about 11 pm. It was very chilly outside and there were clear skies as I recall seeing the stars through the window that night

ENVIRONMENT: It's a wood made up of all different types of trees. There is a small pond a short distance to the west of the location where the creek feeds into. It is very hilly in that area of the town.

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