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Report # 3560  (Class A)
Submitted by witness ANGELO BUFALINO on Tuesday, May 20, 1997.
Young explorer gets stalked by Bigfoot
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YEAR: 1976


MONTH: September

DATE: 18th

STATE: Pennsylvania

COUNTY: Crawford County

LOCATION DETAILS: This occurred 4 miles outside of Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania, in Crawford county off of route 408.

OBSERVED: The date was September 18,1976. I remember it well because it was my eighth birthday and I had just received a pellet gun as a birthday present. I decided to take the pellet gun and go exploring up the dirt road that ran in front of our family's house. I had walked up around the corner about a mile from home when I came to the entrance of an old logging trail. A thickly wooded area was to my right and a large corn field to the left.

I had spent a couple rounds out of my pellet gun on various objects when I got an innate sense of being watched. As i looked into the wooded area, approximately 50 yards deep i saw a bigfoot looking at me. I estimate the height to be around 8 feet, very dark in color, covered in fur and very curious as to what I was doing. My first instinct was to run, but i did not want to invoke a chase, so I slowly turned and started walking toward home. After starting to move through my peripheral vision I could see the bigfoot moving with me at around the same speed. Just to make sure that I was actually seeing this i stopped. The bigfoot stopped. I took several steps and stopped again. The bigfoot took several steps and stopped as I did maintaining a perfectly parallel course to the one I was on.

At this point fear became my motivator and I dropped my gun and ran. When i got home, I told both of my brothers what I saw and they accompanied me back to the spot with rifles. We were unable to spot the bigfoot again but this sighting will forever be etched in my memory.

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