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Report # 3550  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, October 14, 1998.
Midnight traveler watches upright creature cross road
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YEAR: 1977

SEASON: Unknown

DATE: I saw it first in 1977, my mother saw the prints approximately 5 years later.

STATE: Pennsylvania

COUNTY: Butler County

LOCATION DETAILS: Prospect, Pennsylvania approximately 40 miles north of Pittsburgh. The nearest major highway is interstate 79.

OBSERVED: At approximately midnight I was traveling home from my parents, I got about 3 or 4 tenths of a mile, going slowly up a steep grade, I saw something out of the corner of my eye, assuming it was a deer about to cross the road in front of me I stopped.

Well it wasn't a deer, when I first looked at it I thought maybe it was a bear walking upright, but when "it" got directly in front of my headlights I couldn't believe my eyes! It was NOT a bear!

It walked ever so slowly across the road like the car wasn't even there, did not even look my direction.

I was so scared, (my little girl was sleeping in the back seat) I thought I should just step on the gas and try to hit it, all kinds of ideas were racing through my head, but I decided not to try to run over it cause I thought if I just hurt it and make it mad it might hurt me and my daughter.

I'm sure it was probably only a minute but it seemed like a lifetime until it crossed the road and was gone.

It made no sound.

It resembled very much the pictures at this site.

I have never spoken of this publicly, and have only told very close relatives. I had nightmares for years afterwards.

A few years later my mother and my daughter were walking through an old strip mine just a short distance from where it had crossed the road years before, there were fresh footprints in the mud!

I believe my brother made a plaster cast of the print. (We don't speak any longer so I'm not sure if he still has it). I originally saw this thing in 1977, my mom saw the prints about 5 years later. So obviously it was still around the area.

My parents have passed away, and the area is now much more populated.

OTHER WITNESSES: I had just dropped my mom off at her home, we had been out for the evening. NO ALCOHOL INVOLVED.

ENVIRONMENT: Old strip mine which had been re-planted with pine trees. There is a large lake about a mile or so "cross country" away from where I saw it.

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